10 Things You Should Know about Shopping in the Air

I love the sales round onboard. There’s often more time and opportunity to chat with passengers than there is during the meal service. I enjoy helping people choose from the collection and showing them the watches and jewellery. But what makes onboard shopping so special? 10 Tips on shopping in the air.


1. We know the products, so ask away

Every year, KLM organises the event Boutique Magnifique to give cabin personnel a chance to familiarise themselves with our onboard products. This happening is extremely popular among my colleagues. We have speed dates with different suppliers and are allowed to touch, test and sample the products we serve and sell onboard.

Shopping in the air

2. Tax free!

The products we sell onboard are tax free. That makes a considerable difference to the price.

3. Online shopping, onboard delivery

If you want to be absolutely certain that a particularly wonderful whiskey or perfume will be on the sales trolley, you can order in advance online at Shop@KLM and have it delivered to you in your seat, free of charge. Orders can be placed between one and three days prior to departure for flights longer than 90 minutes.

4. No need to carry

Another advantage to having your items delivered onboard is that you don’t have to lug them through the airport.

promo topmerken

 5. ‘KLM only’ products

Unique items, sold only by KLM, are also available onboard. These can be identified by the “KLM only” label.

6. Have it wrapped

We have lovely wrapping paper by the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders onboard. So just say the word, if you’d like your purchase gift wrapped.

Wannagives shopping in the air

7. Surprise someone with Wannagives

Speaking of presents…. Imagine you’re going on a trip and I hand you a beautifully wrapped present during your flight. No, not from me, but from a friend at home, or at work. She or he would have bought this surprise gift for you through Wannagives. Isn’t that great?

I once gave a young woman a bottle of champagne with two glasses and a card from her beloved to welcome her, in advance of her arrival, to the country that was to become her new home. This Wannagives present brought tears of joy to her eyes. I would  loved to have been able to drink a toast with her!

8. Easy payment

We accept the five most commonly used credit cards. You can pay in several currencies including euros, US dollars, British pounds, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen and Norwegian crowns. If you pay cash, it may occur that we don’t have enough change for you, in which case I always advise passengers to buy an extra box of stroopwafel biscuits or chocolates to match the value of the change.

9. Donations

Besides making purchases onboard, you can also make donations to KLM AirCares, which supports a range of charitable causes and projects. If you would like to contribute to a cleaner world, you can also choose to donate to Fly CO2 Neutral to compensate for the CO2 emissions generated by your flight.

10. Check out the Inflight Magazine

The end pages of KLM’s inflight magazine the “Holland Herald” (in the seat pocket in front of you), contain all the items that are for sale onboard in the “Sky High Collection”. You are welcome to take the magazine with you so you can peruse the collection at leisure.

showing products

Passengers sometimes ask whether I buy items onboard myself. I certainly do! From a travel adapter to a gorgeous Nuxe oil, or a birthday present for my father. At the Boutique Magnifique I received a splendid surprise being this bracelet by Philip Stein. This is a beautiful piece of jewellery and a truly fantastic present. It had been on my wish list for quite a while. I wonder what’s on your Sky High Collection wish list?

See you on board!

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Great post! Just the Shop@KLM & Wannagives links do not work :-/

Esmee Droog

Hi Javier, we tested the links again here, but they both work! Maybe you are using a different browser? (We use Chrome)


It must be my computer. I use Chrome too but sometimes it behaves funny. I’ll keep on trying (now I can open Wannagives but not Shop@KLM)!


I bought a mini plane keychain on my first flight. I love the sound it makes and how small, cute and ‘fat’ it is.


That’s fun! I have the same we don’t Sell it on board anymore. So it’s a collectors item Laura! ;-)


Point #2…Shengen flights do not offer tax free. It always annoys me that these sales are announced as taxfree on board, while they are in fact quite a lot more expensive than buying retail on the ground. Because within Shengen…it is not allowed to sell tax free to consumers.

penelope burreci

Keep the change KLM – lead me to the stroopwafels and chocolates!!!


:) sweet!

Leslie Jasceen

I love my Philip Stein also!!! Thank you for writing this blog!


You’re welcome Leslie! And great you love the Philip Stein bracelet. Do you wear the horizontal or sleep? ;-) thanks for Reading my blog and your comment!


Als er op vluchten bezuingd moet worden dan is het afschaffen van deze on-board sales een prima keus. De tijd, ruimte en gewicht kan bespaard worden door afschaffing van deze dure luxe. Als ik iets tax free zou willen kopen doe ik dat op de grond, daar heb ik meer keus en te maken met deskundige verkopers.
Ik heb het gevoel dat de in-flight verkopen een leuke bijverdienste voor het cabinepersoneel betekent…..?


Hi Brasto,

Dank je wel voor je berichtje. Die bijverdienste valt wel mee hoor: soms verdien ik er op maandbasis een kopje thee “to go” mee en soms verdien ik ietsje meer. ;-) Voor mij is het vooral een leuke afwisseling met de andere werkzaamheden aan boord.


I have booked a KLM flight from Uganda to Switzerland on the 29th July. but would like to know how many kg’s of free luggage am I allowed to carry in economy class?


Hello Noreen, on a flight from Entebbe to Switzerland you are allowed to take 2 pieces of check-in luggage with you. You can also find this information via http://klmf.ly/1j0KxHx. We wish you a pleasant flight!

Lolita M. Balboa


Jane Ng

Had laatst een Senz mini paraplu online gekocht en tijdens mijn vlucht bij me laten afleveren. Een mooie unieke paraplu en niet in de winkel te verkrijgen, geweldig!
Nou maar hopen dat de kwaliteit van deze Senz het langer zult volhouden dan m’n laatste Senz….
Sens heeft een garantie van 2 jaar toch? Geldt dat ook voor deze Senz? En zo ja, waar kan ik dan terecht met een eventuele klacht mocht het bij een beetje storm niet z’n werk doen?

Tuan Ngo-Anh

>> 3. Online shopping, onboard delivery

If you want to be absolutely certain that a particularly wonderful whiskey or perfume will be on the sales trolley, you can order in advance online at Shop@KLM and have it delivered to you in your seat, free of charge. Orders can be placed between one and three days prior to departure for flights longer than 90 minutes. <<<

This never works for me: Shop@KLM could not find my "booking code" on 2 different flights (LAX-AMS) and there is no answer to my complaint's e-mail :-(

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