15 Instagram Questions for Flight Attendant Valerie

What would you like to know about the flying life? I put this question to my @dareshegoes Instagram followers a month ago. I receive delightful responses to my Instagram posts from people all over the world and try to answer as many as I can. Are you curious to hear what they ask?

1. Did you start as a cabin attendant for KLM, or did you work for another airline first? (@jorenzo_m)

I started with the Dutch charter airline Martinair. I had a summer contract, but after the events of 9/11, 2001, it was not turned into a permanent contract. I still cherish the good times of my first flying experience. In 2002, I applied to KLM for the second time and was hired. I am still very pleased about this.

Valerie working for Martinair in 2001

2. What is your favourite destination and why? (@mypicsofpeople)

Rio de Janeiro! Especially when the sun shines. It’s less paradisal when it rains. Every time I go there I almost feel at home and, strangely, people often address me in Portuguese. To my mind, it offers the perfect combination of sand, sea and culture. I could quite happily live there. There’s so much diversity in one city and every visit I discover something new.

CA Valerie in Rio

3. I always wonder how you and the rest of the crew cope with jet lag? (@eugene_photos)

Speaking for myself, I try to find a balance between local time and Dutch time. I listen to my body and just sleep if I feel tired. I try to eat as healthily as possible and drink a lot of water. Yoga and sport also help me. I don’t believe in a singe jet-lag formula, because every person, every body, responds differently.

4. I wonder, what is the most important qualification for KLM Cabin Crew?  (@sunhan_shanna_lee)

Passing your flight-safety exams.:) Safety is always our top priority. I also think it’s helpful if you enjoy working in a team, don’t have a nine-to-five mentality, and if you are able to identify with the situations passengers are in and preempt their needs. I always try to think about how I like to travel and to be treated.

Flight safety and security KLM book

5. What are the best and least pleasant aspects of your job? (@14a92)

The best is discovering the world. It calms you down and makes you realise how lucky you are. In my last blog I wrote about the things I like most. Now for the least pleasant… Collecting the empty meal trays (especially when the containers are not put back in the right places and I have to reorganise them to be able to clear them away. I end up covered in yoghurt or chocolate mouse, or whatever;-). Drunk or extremely rude passengers are not much fun either. And it isn’t always great being away from my family, for instance, at Christmas.

6. How do you manage to make such fabulous selfies? (@studio.silver.lining)

A lot of practice;-) And I never use a selfie stick. I get a real kick out of taking a picture that captures the right atmosphere. My friends call me the Selfie Queen, haha.

Valerie the selfie queen

7. Is it acceptable for passengers to take photos of themselves with members of the Cabin Crew? (@fightxthedarkx)

You can always ask the crew if they would mind being in a picture with you. Some won’t mind, others will. There’s no harm in asking.

8. Is it easy or hard to maintain a social life at home, or abroad, when you’re travelling so much?  (@onboarded)

Good question! To a certain extent I can set my own roster, so if I want to be free for a particular social event, I can usually arrange it. But I need to know well in advance. Internet and social media make it easier too. I also regularly FaceTime with my parents when I’m away.

9. Do you always fly KLM when you go on holiday? If not, what is your favourite airline? (@amyvanderwell)

My favourite airline is, KLM, of course! But I usually try to avoid flying when I go on holiday, because I fly so much. I might go by car to France, or train to Zeeland (NL). There are plenty of great holiday destinations here in the Netherlands.

10. Have you got a collection of KLM Houses? (@elsvoogt)

Nice question. I have a few from flights I’ve been sent on to relieve colleagues who have become ill at destinations. On these occasions we travel as passengers to take over that colleague’s schedule.

KLM houses

11. You now have more than 300 photos of places around the world and you’ve seen a lot of the world too. Which photo holds the most unusual or special memory for you? And why? (@remcofugers)

When I look back through my Instagram photos, there’s one picture that was taken at the Van Gogh Museum last year, which is very special. To be given the opportunity to walk around an empty Van Gogh Museum in my blue uniform with photographer Ben Kortman was truly unique. It perfectly complimented the blog about the Van Gogh route in France.

van Gogh museum

12. Thanks for sharing some wonderful pictures. What is it that motivates and inspires you to share your life, trips and stories with us? (@bram_snel)

The world is so beautiful! You just have to share it. As far as flying is concerned, many people dream of doing this job, or would at least like to travel more. I never thought I would fly for 14 years, but the cliche is true: time flies when you’re having fun. My tip: try to make every moment a celebration.

13. What do you like to do most when you are at a destination? (@bonnieparren)

I love to stroll through different neighbourhoods in a city, visit museums, lie on the beach, or have drink while gazing at a beautiful view, perhaps from a sky bar. I think the Dutch are fairly adventurous, so there are usually colleagues who want to come along. That doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes enjoy going off on my own (with my camera).

Skybar Singapore

14. I am wondering, have you ever encountered any picky passengers when on duty? How do you deal with them? (@howard1020321)

I always try to find out where the shoe pinches, as the saying goes. Why is the passenger angry, grumpy, or sad? Travelling, and particularly flying, can be pretty stressful for some people. If you are able to find the reason behind the behaviour, show understanding and preempt their needs, you can often break the ice. If passengers disembark with a smile, a handshake, or even a hug, then I feel my “mission” has been more than accomplished!

15. What training have you had and did you always want to be a flight attendant?  (@marjon.Bergsma)

I went to art school and wanted to do something creative in fashion when I left. I never thought I would become a flight attendant. But when I got to 26, I decided to apply; I wanted to see more of the world. I have been writing for the KLM blog for almost five years now, which gives me room to be creative. I love the combination of writing and flying.

Cabin attendant Valerie


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Candy Karno

Hi, i just curious if transgender can apply fir the job as flight attended??


Hi Candy, I don’y know the procedures by heart but I would say give it a try!




Always a great pleasure to read your blogs and see your photographs, happy and save journeys.
One day we will meet again, soon we hope. Philip & Wilma


Thank you :))) Love to see both again! big hug, Valerie


Very nice pictures!


Thank you Jeroen :)


Het is altijd leuk om je blogs te lezen. Hopelijk ga je nog eens een boek uitbrengen. Ik ben drie weken geleden voor het eerst in het vliegtuig geweest, met KLM. Ik was erg nerveus maar het was ook een bijzondere ervaring.


Hoi Kim! Een boek…wauw mooi compliment. :) Wat leuk dat je met KLM hebt gevlogen op je eerste vlucht. Waar was de reis naar toe? hoop dat je het leuk hebt gehad en genoten hebt aan boord. Bedankt voor je berichtje,

groet Valerie


Naar Manchester Engeland :) :) :) De reis ging goed. Het opstijgen vond ik wel beangstigend maar eenmaal op hoogte werd het beter, het landen viel ook mee. Het uitzicht vond ik heel mooi.


Wat super! En kan ik mij helemaal voorstellen, misschien tot op een volgende vlucht ;-)


Ja wie weet ! :)

Dr.S Furqan ul Haq

It’s really nice to read your Biog. Very informative and inspirational.Keep it up. Stay Blessed.


Thank you for your kind words!

Roos en Marcel

Nice blogs! Hope to Be flying with you again in the near future. Roos and Marcel


Thank you! Would be fun ;-)

Félix Maltchinski

What plane do you fly?


Hi Félix!

I am a Boeing Lady: 747- 777 – 787 and 737


Hi Valerie, weer erg leuk om dit blog te lezen! Ga zo door, ik kijk er steeds naar uit en wie weet vliegen wij nog eens met KLM en dat we elkaar ontmoeten :)))


Dank je wel Idette! Wat leuk dat je mijn blogs met plezier leest en vaak een leuke comment plaatst op instagram! Zou toch bijzonder leuk zijn jou eens in de lucht te ontmoeten…selfie!!! ;-) fijne dag! Lieve groet Valerie


Hi Valerie, leuk om op deze manier je weer terug te zien, ik zag je op Twitter voorbij komen en herkende je gezicht van mijn reis naar Curaçao in februari. Blijf genieten van je werk en alles in je blog beschrijven, ik ga je volgen! Groetjes Cynthia


Wat toevallig en leuk om te lezen Cynthia! Dank je wel voor dit leuke bericht. En wie weet tot een volgende keer aan boord. Curacao is een heerlijke bestemming hoop dat je hebt genoten, hartelijke groet Valerie


Hoi! Leuke blog! Wat mij altijd opvalt is dat alle leden van de cabine crew altijd mooie horloges dragen. Zijn jullie gewoon liefhebbers, bezoeken jullie teveel taxfree shops, of is het verplicht om een horloge om te hebben?


Hi Veronique,

Dank je wel en leuke vraag Veronique!
Een horloge is niet verplicht maar wel heel handig om aan te hebben tijdens het werk ivm werkschema aan boord. (Privé draag ik overigens zelden een horloge ;-)

Mijn huidige horloge heb ik idd tax free gekocht maar mijn vorige hotloge heb ik bij ons aan boord gekocht met de Duty Free Shopping Verkoop.

Deze wisselt elk seizoen en kun je ook online bestellen voor je vlucht zodat je zeker weet dat het product niet uitverkocht is. Super handig.

Vricida Anastasakis

I recently flew from Calgary to Athens via Amsterdam and back with KLM. I have traveled a lot in my life and would happily say that KLM is one of the best, if not THE BEST airlines to travel with. Thank you for keeping your standard high and making traveling so enjoyable :) Your staff is second to none!!!
Looking forward to my next trip with KLM.
Vricida Anastasakis
Calgary, Alberta


WoW that’s Nice To Read!
Thank you for your kind words Vricida looking forward to welcome you on board!
Kind regards, Valerie


Super leuk om dit te lezen.
Vliegen met paniekaanvallen wat zou jou tips zijn hiervoor


That’s a nice photo from Iran (if I guessed correctly).


Hi Nicholas, No that picture was taken ay the grand Mosque in Muscat :)

Alain Michael

Hello Valerie;

It is always nice to read your blogs. This one has shed light on some aspects I had always wanted to know.

Best regards,


Trabajo en el aeropuerto de Buenos aires y hoy ví pasar a una cabin attendant de KLM, y me enamore, me gustaría volver a verla, solo se que llama Kim, podrían ayudarme por favor

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