18 Amazing Photos Taken from the Window Seat

The window seat. There is something magical about the window seat. Why? Because you have the opportunity to observe the wonders of earth from an altitude of 35,000 feet. And luckily for us, our fans capture these natural wonders with their cameras, and share them with us!

And I’ll share my top 18 with you! Enjoy!

1. Beautiful colours in a flight over Nigeria

Window seatImage credits: Seán Marcello‎ – Facebook

2. A view on the North Sea near the United Kingdom

Window seatImage credits: Thundernerd – Instagram

3. Above Greenland taken from the window seat

Window seatImage credits: Eveline Johnsen – Facebook

4. A bit of ‘Hoek van Holland’ just before landing

Window seatImage credits: Clickwithpj – Instagram

5. Sunglasses needed?

Window seat
Image credits: Flavio Moreira – Facebook

6. From Barcelona to Amsterdam with the sweetest sunset

Window seat
Image credits: Ingrid van Wilgen – Facebook

7. The best Dutch view you can get

Window seat
Image credits: Jasper de Jong – Facebook

8. Flying to the pot of gold!

Window seat
Image credits: Leila Summa – Facebook

9. Flying Blue

Window seat
Image credits: Michel Nivard – Facebook

10. On a flight from Portugal

Window seat
Image credits: Pashhha – Instagram

11. Above the British isles of Sky

Window seat
Image credits: Pim Uijttewaal – Facebook

12. Stunning approach above Istanbul

Window seat
Image credits: Robbert Stelling – Facebook

13. We’re currently in between clouds

Window seat
Image credits: Sarahwez – Instagram

14. Greenland, as always covered in snow

Window seat
Image credits: tdspierings – Instagram

15. Flying parallel to The Dutch harbour city IJmuiden

Window seat
Image credits: Thomas Hagens – Instagram

16. Together we fly!

Window seat
Image credits: Tiddo Klinkenberg – Facebook

17. From Amsterdam to Zurich

Window seat
Image credits: Wmbrownproject – Instagram

18. Bristol – The United Kingdom

Window seat
Image credits: Yannick – Instagram

Keep sending them via Instagram (using #KLM) or Facebook.

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#4 is actually rotterdam.. but still beautiful pictures :)


Hoek v Holland to be precise :)


Thanks! I’ll change the sub-header immediately!

Thierry Spierings

Nmr 14! that’s my picture.


One of the best! :-)

Sakari Laakso

i like all photos


Thank you!

Pim Uijttewaal

I like #11. A very professional photographer ;-) thx for sharing this KLM. Well done!

Lolita M. Balboa


Ingrid van wilgen

Just now I see my picture on nr. 6. There all beautifull

Ian Woodrow

I particularly like the rainbow and the mountains of Greenland. It’s nice to sit warm and confortable on the KLM looking down on the middle of Greenland thinking just how cold, desolate and inhospitable it is down there as you sip your warm coffee and nibble on a Dutch delicacy.

Henk Ras

Nr. 10 On a flight from Portugal, moet denk ik zijn op een vlucht NAAR Portugal.
Je ziet namelijk de kop van het eiland Goeree en Overflakkee in de richting van de Noordzee.
Dan vlieg je echt in zuidelijke richting :-)

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