5 KLM history blogs you loved to read

My first blog appeared on this site almost exactly a year ago. To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever have become a blogger of my own accord. I don’t really like being in the spotlight, so it was all rather nerve-wracking to see my name and photo on the site. It all began with one of my colleagues, who enjoyed the articles I’d written for internal KLM media on the history of our organisation. So she pitched the idea of a history blog to the editorial board and, hey presto, suddenly my writing was there for all to see.

Chicken or Beef?

That said, I’d like to mark my first year as a blogger with an overview of some of my most successful blogs. My catering blog, under the heading “Chicken or beef?”, did exceptionally well, attracting more than 12,000 readers. It took a look at catering practices in 1965. This topic appeals to a lot of people, apparently, and everyone seems to have their own ideas about it. Some would love to eat airline meals every day, while others have only criticism. In the meantime, I’ve come across all sorts of catering stories, so the topic is bound to pop up again sometime. By the way, the photos featured in the blog weren’t actually taken in 1965, but a year later. I cheated a bit, I admit, but I couldn’t resist them, because they were so perfectly corny.

1966 Mock up DC8 catering 2

Hooray for Google Earth

I was surprised by the popularity of my “Plaswijck” blog, which got a big response and prompted passengers as well as flight crew to take a stroll down memory lane. It was wonderful to read their comments. I must say it was an exceptional journey delving into the building’s origins and post-KLM history. It harks back to a time when there were still long layovers and KLM had its own hotels. And thanks to Google Earth (hooray!), I was able to see how things look nowadays. Not that brilliant, as I discovered, but an old building with a rich history on overrun grounds always appeals to the imagination. This blog prompted a request to write about another legendary hotel on the route to Asia: Midway House in Karachi. I’ve already dug up some interesting facts and figures, but if there are people out there with memories of the place, please let me know so that I can blend them into an interesting piece.

Plaswijck hoofdgebouw

People love looking at pictures

Another winner was the blog about KLM stickers and advertisements. Entire books have been written on this topic, which meant I had to approach this blog with all due caution. People love looking at pictures, so there were plenty of those. I chose to focus on the extent to which KLM incorporates its Dutch roots into its promotional material. This has taken many different forms, ranging from the explicit (a woman in Dutch traditional costume) to the more subtle (a sticker created by a Dutch artist). But there’s so much more to share. Our house style, for example, which I dealt with in another popular blog that took a look at KLM’s logo. And there’s more, of course, so I’m sure I’ll return to the topic once I’ve gained fresh inspiration.

KLM Posters

Very exciting to write

I covered lots of milestones and firsts. In fact, I started this series with a blog on KLM’s first transatlantic flight, which was very exciting to write, mainly because it was a really perilous flight back in the day. Thorough preparations were always made, with plenty of support stations along the way, ships waiting for rendezvous to make radio contact, and hazardous weather conditions at lower altitudes. It’s hardly surprising that the pilots who completed the crossing were considered heroes. They spurred the development of aviation, putting their lives on the line to demonstrate what was possible. Judging by their flight logbook, the pilots weren’t too excited, but it must have been a huge thrill. More than 6,700 readers thought so too.

1934 dec Snip

I’ll be back with a new series of blogs after the summer. If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!

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Here is to many more blogs! I look forward to every sunday and your new blog!

Keep up the good work!

Frido Ogier

Thanks Stephen! Will do :-)

Elizabeth Phillips

Hoorah, someone has finally given an interesting word of advice for aspiring story writers. These chosen topics have the diversity they display in settings, humorous and dramatic events in aviation history for a classic airline such as KLM.

Elizabeth Phillips

I have to add, please show more historical photos, I just love the groovy sixties contemporary designer looks in cabin interior design, and I would love to hear about what KLM was dishing up for Entrée, Main, and Dessert.

Frido Ogier

Dear Elizabeth, I’ll do my best :-) Did you already read my blog about Dutch design?

Best regards, Frido

Marcel de Breet

Please continue!!!!!!!!

Frido Ogier

I will, Marcel :-)

Best regards,



I am so glad your colleague challenged you to writing a history blog! This American who loves Holland, its rich culture and history is excited to see another one of your “blogs”! I especially enjoyed the catering story, and find myself interested in all of your historical moments.
Thanks again! Have a great Sunday!!!
Coming to visit in August…hope the beautiful zomer weather continues!

Frido Ogier

Thanks Rick! Have a pleasant tip and enjoy your stay in this little country. As far as I know,the weather forecast is nice. A the end of this week a kind of tropical temperatures and later on about 22 Celcius. Nice weather for August here :-)

Best regards,



so glad I came across this. Can’t wait to read all your posts now. Love these old photos!

Frido Ogier

Thank you, Janet! There are 46 more to read :-)) Maye a bit to much for just one Sunday afternoon… :-)

Kind regards,



Since I have been in the Aviodome in 2013 after being there 30 years ago as a little boy and as a frequent flying traveller , just keep posting all the blogs. Because the Dutch important heritage to its worldwide contribution should be maintained and kept alive.

Frido Ogier

Dear Martin, just like I thought so! Thanks for reading!

Best regards,



Great blogs all year. Keep them coming.
Tot de volgende….

Frido Ogier

For sure, Michael!


That’s a great job you have done so far Frido.
Being a nostalgia buff myself I hope you will continue for a long time. It sometimes reminds me of the old “Wolkenridder”days (then already published on tabloid format!) with a lot of history in it.
Maybe a subject once in future?

Frido Ogier

That’s a very good suggestion, Jacques. As I have the complete Wolkenridder archive in my room at the office, it’s nice to pay attention to a important source for my blogs.

Best regards,


Arthur Smit-Roeters

The picture of the building shown in this blog is the KLM night-stop Plaswijck located between Bangkok and Don Muang airport. I overnighted there a couple of times on the route Jakarta – Karachi v.v. being part of a Garuda Indonesian Airways crew (steward) on a Convair 240 hajj flight to Mecca. In the early 1950s KLM pilots manned the cockpits.


Hello Frido,
I am so curious about your possible coming blog about the Midway House in Karachi! Do you have already something? I have been there many, many times, but do not have much photo’s. Only a few that we climbed inside the old ‘ Connie’ fuselage, that was somewhere in the middle of the hotel garden/patio I remember.

Frido Ogier

Dear Marjon,

This Sunday the blog about Midway House is published! I only could find some pictures from the late fifties in lur archives, but these are charming. I hope you’ll enjoy my story.

Best regards,


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