5 secrets of a stewardess: Staying fit during a flight

You know that feeling, after a long flight, when you’re so grouchy and exhausted that you’d rather not look in the mirror? But how is it that cabin attendants still look fresh and chirpy when they’re serving breakfast? What’s their secret? How do they stay fit on board during those long nights? Surely they also get tired when all the passengers are asleep?

Here are some of our secrets!

1. Simple, sturdy shoes;

Soon after take-off, when the “fasten seatbelt” sign is turned off, we exchange our heels for simple, sturdy, flat-soled shoes. Sorry to spoil your fantasy! This is definitely something you should try. Wear comfortable shoes and consider taking along an extra pair of comfortable socks to wear during the flight. However, I do advise that you put your shoes on if you’re going to the toilet!

2. Hydration is key;

When you’re at an altitude of 10 kilometres, your surroundings are completely different than when you’re on the ground. The air pressure is artificially maintained and there’s very little water vapour, which is why the air in the cabin is quite dry. That’s why you should drink as much water as possible. Not just for your skin, but also to prevent dehydration. You’ll also feel fitter, which is why crew members also try to drink regularly during the flight. If we’re serving drinks or food, feel free to ask us for an extra glass of water.

3. Resting during the flight;

During long (night) flights, we have a right to get some rest, just as you would in any other job. On larger aircraft, we have an overhead crew rest, which has beds reserved for crew only. We can kick back, pop in our earphones, put on some music and relax. We’re also more accustomed to the sound and movement of an aircraft. Earplugs and an eye mask make it easier to fall asleep. If you’ve forgotten to take earplugs along, ask the crew if they have a set for you. They’re also handy if you’re sitting near the family row…

KLM Economy Class ontspannen

4. Enjoy your trip;

Try to enjoy your trip. We get a boost from working with happy passengers, but also from knowing that we’re visiting new and fun destinations. We too are on our way to some spot on our beautiful planet, or heading home to our family and friends. Let’s make the flight more fun together!

5. Make some moves

We as crew members are constantly on the move when we’re working. You too will benefit from getting some exercise from time to time. Your body stiffens up if you sit still too long. That’s why you should try to go for a short walk in the cabin every 90-120 minutes. (NB: Only do this when the “fasten seatbelts” light is off!). Movement improves blood circulation and combats fluid retention.

Sit back and relax…

One last general tip: plan ahead

Reserve your preferred seat online. This really makes a difference during a long flight. And why not read your travel guide while you have the time, and make wonderful plans for your trip? After that, you can choose whichever movie takes your fancy and enjoy the service on board.

Happy travels!

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Charlotte Kerr

So looking forward to flying with you on my flight to Lima on 14th May

Aletta Vandernat

I do all of the above on my flights to and from New York.

Renee Schouten

What or where is the family row that you mentioned?

lee aviator

crew should not eat aircraft food from time to time specially the main course for it is deliberately infused with high sodium, we lose our taste buds at the altitude of 3,000 feet and above….that is for a fact!

elsedien de Groot

To take some vitamin C is also an excellent idea.

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