7 Good Reasons To Travel Alone

A lot of people find travelling alone stressful, perhaps even terrifying. Personally, my most cherished memories were gathered while traveling solo. Which is why I’d like urge you to make at least one solo trip in your lifetime. I’ll give you seven good reasons why. Let me kick off with a warning: you may be back for more!

Crew member Boris on one of his trips
When I decided to travel around Europe on my own at the age of 19, I had no idea what I was getting into. During the train trip to Paris, I was so unhappy that I seriously considered catching the first train back home (I was bound for Morocco). Fortunately, I soon met friendly people, who helped me through that rough patch, and ultimately it was a wonderful and very memorable journey.

Today, many years on, I must conclude that most of my journeys were completed solo. I always look forward to setting out on my own to a new destination. Although I must admit I also thoroughly enjoy travelling with my nearest and dearest.

1. The ultimate freedom

Travelling solo means that you alone are responsible for yourself and your journey. You don’t have to consult anyone, and you can do everything at your own pace. If you want to get up at 4am to see the sun rise, no one is going to complain. If you want to spend the day doing nothing at all, no one is going to tell you otherwise. At every crossroads, you can decide for yourself if you want to go left or right or straight ahead. And you don’t have to feel responsible for the mood of your travelling companion. What a joy!

Boris on top of the world


2. You meet new people more easily

When you travel alone, it’s easier to step up to strangers and make contact. It’s also easier for others to make contact with you. People will invite you into their lives more quickly. I’ve lost count of the number of friends I’ve made during my solo trips. And if you’d prefer to spend a day alone, new friends are unlikely to complain.

Boris and new friend


3. The experience is more vivid

When you travel alone you have keep your eyes peeled and look after yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. That means you’re more alert and see more. Once you’ve learned that you can also take joy in beauty on your own, you’ll discover that this is the ideal way to gain the most overwhelming experiences. It’s hardly surprising that most famous travel writers prefer going solo.

I’ll never forget how I stormed up the steps at the Cape of Good Hope, while everyone else was rushing the other way to get out of the rain. Once I got to the top, all on my own, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and I saw a double rainbow over the cape. I jumped for joy and screamed with delight!

Boris saw a beautiful rainbow


4. It boosts your self-confidence

Whatever you do on your solo trip, you’re left to your own devices. It may take a while to adjust, but eventually you get really good at finding the right information, assessing situations and making decisions on your own. Every time you make the right decision and complete a wonderful journey, it boosts your self-confidence and sense of autonomy.

And you learn fast from decisions that don’t work out. You’ll be amazed by your own abilities and will be justifiably proud of yourself! Travelling alone has given me so much self-confidence that I am prepared to face almost any challenge. I’ve also learned to assess risks and whether I’m prepared to take them.

5. You get to know yourself

Whatever challenges you face, you face them on your own. You will also be alone when you see that unforgettable temple or the magnificent sunset over the sea. You can’t consult anyone, so you learn to trust your own intuition and to engage in internal dialogue. This ensures that you get to know yourself really well. Even the less pleasant aspects, admittedly. Nevertheless, it will make you a stronger, more complete and (possibly) more pleasant person at home and at work.

Boris with hyenas

6. Your trip is almost guaranteed to be serene

There is no one to disagree or argue with. If you travel alone, especially if you’re at peace with yourself, your trip will be more tranquil, as there’s no risk of the kind of conflict that sometimes arises when you’re travelling together. All too often, when travelling with others, I have seen the promise of a beautiful day overshadowed by dissent and arguments about things that later seemed totally irrelevant.

Crew member Boris at the beach


7. You become a better traveller

When you travel alone, you have to organise all the ins and outs personally. That can be quite a challenge at first, but once you’ve successfully booked your flight, train, bus, hotel and whatnot, it gets easier the next time around. Until you know no different and are completely self-sufficient.

That said, I wish you a very pleasant solo trip!



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Fully agree, but one downside is: you do end up explaining who you are, where you are from and where you are going every day again and again.

Mr. Leshem Natan

Think of your trips before when your wife was with you and you
looked all around but you were “limited” because of her – now
she is back at home, far away from you and you can celebrate
in any way your “blue mind” allows you…..have fun !!!

Stephanie Jones

I love travelling solo too, but occasionally when you do experience some awesome sights/moments, that you wish a certain person was there to experience it too!.
But like you say the being able to organise you own time and travel plans is great, without any stresses of debates or differences with travelling companions. And as a woman I always assess reasonable risks. But at the end of the day nothing can prepare you for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m 55 and still travel alone and takes jobs overseas. I love it!


Wow Stephanie, that is admirable to still be traveling alone as a woman. Actually, I often get asked by women assuming that they could never do what I do, just because they are not a man. Of course, I will never know the difference of traveling alone as a woman or as a man, but I do know that I often meet female single travelers who almost always seem to be very happy about their experience. In fact, I think in some cases, you are better off as a single woman than a single man.
Keep on traveling and enjoying this great world of ours!

Fred Teifeld

Been traveling alone for many years and you’re 100% correct on all counts. I am still in regular contact with many of the friends I have made as well as many unique businesses I’ve encountered as well.

Traveling with somebody would be like dragging around a ball and chain attached to my ankle.


So true. I once took a best friend along to Kenya, all expenses paid, pocket money 5 star all the way. I never felt so lonely and uneasy ever. I cut the trip short eventually, we broke up our friendship soon after. Not worth it. My bff fortunately is a great travelling partner, takes the day as it comes, full of jokes and enthuisiasm, very considerate.

Ernesto Jabibi

I too make most of my travels solo, I feel great when I do, the freedom of just doing anything you please without anyone’s approval is just priceless. I don’t believe this is a selfish position, it is a choice, it is not easy perhaps for a lot of people to travel alone but I think that to be able to do this you must have an interior life, some sort of another you inside to achieve the perfect trip without stressing!


It also is something that can be learnt, but many people have such fixed ideas up front, and don’t dare to take the step out of fear – while fear almost never is a good advisor…


I travel almost always alone, I gives me all the freedom of just doing anything I want or go where I want.
Sometimes when I meet other people and we hang around together for a few days or travel together to our next destination and go our own way afterwards.


Isn’t that the ultimate freedom, Marco?


From my own experience, it has its benefits. You do whatever it is you feel like! No limits, no timescales, no rush, no compromising, etc. You get a lot done travelling solo. However, when you’re in your hotel room alone in the evening, or having breakfast, it can get quite lonely – unless you meet people or find a constructive way to pass your time.


Take a book, get in touch with the locals, write up a diary, or just turn to yourself and simply digest all the things you have seen, the people you have met, the experience you have had…


I love traveling alone at times … It reminds me how capable I am using MY Brain! Also it pushes my envelope a bit out of my comfort zone and through this process I am able to grow as a person .
I love not answering to anyone or worrying I’m taking up their time
I become more aware of the people and surrounding and more sensitive to their culture
I love to blend in. And try very hard. Via observation
My next trip is to Singapore alone any tips ? Later !


Take plenty of cotton clothes….it’s so hot and humid but beautifull too….worth all the effort.x


Yes barbara is so right! It is very hot and humid indeed. Lately the weather has always been sunny around 30-32 degrees celcius and it is going to get hotter. Ocasionally there are a few afternoon thunderstorms. And also dont forget to try the local food. Singapore is quite easy to get around using the public transport. If u have any questions or concerns let me know im more than happy to help :)


And: try to visit some outlying areas, there is much more to Singapore than you would think at first. Plus: a perfect destination for solo travel. Enjoy!

Joost van der Loo

Boris, i did many trips all alone like you, loved it like you do. Waited for the best light to take a picture in Australia, waited for hours to have the best view on the west coast of Portugal for Sunset….. but also watched Seacows and other beautiful things of nature in which i regretted i could not share it with others…. so the coin has two sides like it always had.


Yep, there are (always) two sides of the coin… I could write a blog about the pros of traveling together, too. Or even, a hybrid journey where you depart together, but allow each other the freedom you need.

mubarak masoud sulaiyam al salmi



Very enlightening. Great piece


I will like to travel alone but my biggest problem is that I don’t have any sense of direction. It is the thing that worries me the most


That’s one of the things you’ll develop along the way, which will are you much more confident about yourself. Research everything you can, download maps and apps about your destination and you’re done ;)


Exactly, Jonathas! You should develop that precisely because you are left to your own devices. But I do recommend not to pull out a map in the middle of the street and being clueless for everyone to see – that would make you vulnerable. That said, locals are almost always happy to help: pick the right one, and if you doubt their answer (in many cultures, they would rather send you “anywhere” instead of admitting they don’t know the place you’re asking), just ask someone else… Good luck!


freedom rules my life…

marian tims

Ik reis ook alleen, eerste keer omdat degene waar ik mee zou reizen het ziekenhuis inging. Alles was geregeld en ik ging alleen naar Tanzania op safari. Ik kan alleen maar zeggen dat ik de reis van mijn leven had, Veel meer gezien dan het programma aangaf. Ik heb zo’n mooie tijd gehad dat ik gelijk aan het eind aangaf, ik kom terug aan mijn gids vroeg, maar wel met ou als gids, Antwoord was, Graag, we hebben een pracht tijd gehad samen. Ben er nu 3x geweest en ga in july weer. Een keer raden met wie als gids. De eerste keer hadden alle familie en kennissen er een zwaar hoofd in, maar nu is het, je gaat weer met Joseph op stap, Veel plezier


Dat zijn nou de verrassingen die je vooral hebt als je alleen reist. Als je met de oorspronkelijke reispartner op stap was gegaan, was dit wellicht heel anders gelopen! Goede reizen naar Tanzania!


Thank you, I love traveling the world but I always go with someone. I think you just gave me the answer I need it!!


What was the question? :)

Chito Campo

There is no other way….anything else is just an excursion.


Ha, I like that definition! Thanks, Chito!


Take with you plenty of cotton clothing it’s so hot and humid…but worth the effort


I always travel solo and I love it. This 7 reasons I agree. The only problem is the friends you make want you to stay or want you to comeback and visit. Love and like them all but I only have vacation a couple of weeks a year so..


You are absolutly right! My first time was to GALÁPAGOS! What a wonderful journey!

Carl Sorensen

I’ve been traveling alone – to many places – for 15 years since my wife died. I’m 73, and I treasure the time and opportunity to experience everything by myself!


Mr Sorensen, I admire you and I can only hope that I will still be traveling solo at the respectable age of 73. Happy and safe travels. And who knows – meet you somewhere on our planet?

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