7 Ways To Stay Awake During A Flight

Some people have no problem falling asleep during a flight. They’re already well on their way to Slumberland before you’re airborne and the fasten-seatbelts light has been turned off. That’s a shame, because there’s plenty to do on board. Here are our top tips for those who prefer not to sleep during their flight.

1. Watch a movie marathon

On intercontinental flights, you always have your own screen, offering a wide array of series and movies. If you’re having trouble choosing, why not start with all the movies that have “the” in the title? Or maybe those starting with the first letter of your name? That should keep you busy for a while. Unless your name is Xavier, of course, or Xenia.

2. Direct the airco nozzle towards your face

There’s nothing more invigorating than a fresh breeze through your hair. This is easily arranged on board by setting the airco to “Alaska” and directing the jet of ice-cold air towards your face. Your chances of falling asleep just went out the window. Mind you don’t catch a cold.

3. Ask your neighbours to keep you awake

It’s worth a try. Maybe your neighbour has experienced all sorts of bone-chilling adventures on his travels and simply can’t wait to share them with you. And if that isn’t the case, simply ask them to give you a shove whenever you nod off.

4. Try to break your high score

Bejeweled, Sudoku or old-school Tetris – the KLM inflight entertainment system has them all. Choose your strongest game and keep at it until your name shines bright at the top of the high-scores list.

5. Drink lots of coffee (and water)

Coffee and tea are available for the duration of the flight. Even when the lights are dimmed and most of our cabin attendants are sound asleep, you’ll always find warm, caffeine-rich beverages waiting in the pantry. To avoid arriving with a headache, make sure you also drink plenty of water during the flight.

6. Take a short walk

Intercontinental flights can be quite gruelling. It can be very invigorating to get up and stretch your legs. Get that blood flowing through your extremities and give your lazy bones a rest. Every KLM aircraft has its own clearly demarcated walking route, which is usually oval or oblong, but may also be a figure 8 or a zigzag, if you get really creative.

7. Guess the price of duty-free items in the Holland Herald

What exactly does a duty-free Swarovski watch cost? Or an inflatable neck support? Or a KLM fountain pen? This game works best with two or more players. The person who is closest to the mark is the winner! If you want to add a dash of excitement, maybe the loser has to buy the article for the winner. An added benefit of this high-stakes version is that you’ll never forget how much that watch cost.

If you want to sleep instead of staying awake? Read these five ultimate tips for sleeping in an aircraft!

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In your blog you gave exact the reasons I fall asleep! There nothing interesting to do! You just summed up reasons how to stay awake not why to stay awake :D

Joris schelfhout de Nyenrode

Just ask yourself why KLM joined air France. It keeps you awake.


#2 would actually cause me to fall asleep. I love the cold, and if it said Alaska, I would dream of the great up north where I used to live

Martin Wognum

Keep the windows open!

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