8 Unusual Airport Activities

What do you get up to when you have time to kill at an airport? At most airports, you can test perfumes, do some tax-free shopping or try to make yourself comfortable in a terminal chair. But there are airports that have more to offer. I found a few unusual pastimes you wouldn’t expect at an airport.

1. Catch a wave

How about surfing? A couple of months a year Munich airport is set to be transformed into a surfing hotspot. Whether you want to show off your skills or give surfing a try, you can, on this enormous man-made standing wave. This year you can find the wave machine at Munich Airport Center from 16 September until 9 October 2016.

Surf Munich Airtport

2. Swimming

Why not take a refreshing dive during your transfer? At Changi Airport in Singapore, you can watch aircraft arriving and departing while taking a dip in the outdoor pool. You can do the same at Dubai International Airport, where you can use the refreshing indoor pool for a small fee.

airport activities

3. Visit a cinema

Would you like to watch a movie in a cinema, rather than on your tablet? Hong Kong International Airport has an IMAX cinema showing the latest releases. You’ll also find cinemas at Incheon Airport (Seoul/Incheon) and at Singapore’s Changi Airport.


4. Ice skating

Would you prefer to get some exercise during your transfer? Why not check out the “Ice Forest” skating rink at Incheon Airport (Seoul/Incheon).

Ice Rink Seoul

5. Visit an art gallery

You can dream away the day surrounded by magnificent works of art at various airports, including Paris Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and San Francisco International.

airport activities

6. Visit a library

You can escape the hustle and bustle at the airport libraries in Tallinn, Estonia, and at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. At Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, you’ll even find an eBook Library.

airport activities

7. Enjoy nature

Dubai International Airport has a relaxing Zen Garden, while Singapore Changi Airport has a superb Butterfly Garden, where you will find the real thing flitting around, as well as an indoor waterfall. Vancouver International Airport has two Aquarium Marine Exhibits, with more than 5,000 sea creatures, while Kuala Lumpur International airport has its own Jungle Boardwalk.

airport activities

8. Play golf

And if nothing else takes your fancy, you can always practice your golf swing at Hong Kong International Airport. Mind you don’t drive that ball sky high, okay?

airport activities

Extra: Spa’s, massagages and footbaths

To get you into Zen mode, a spa, massage or facial is perhaps just what you need. At many aiports all around the world companies like XpresSpa, Wellness Spa and Be Relax offert their services to all passengers. Some airline will include similar lounge facilities exclusively to their premium passenger. At Kogashima Airport, Japan, you can treat yourself to a hot footbath (for free!).



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you have missed Mumbai International Airport Terminal T2 under Visit Art Gallery


Thanks for you tip Kaushal! I’m considering to write a blog about Airport Art. I’ll put Mumbai International Airport on my list.


Great post !! :)


And Hong Kong International Airport also has a cinema.


Wow, watching movie while your plane already have left in the middle of the movie

Thomas M Bernabela

Kan airmiles van 03 Dec 2014 en 15 Febr 2015 nog krijgen?

Hermes Almeida

Realmente e deslumbrante, foi de tirar o folego e ter a sensação de estar lá presente.


Nice one. But to add one more.
Mumbai Airport at India constructed a very vast and beautiful ART gallery at BOM airport India.


Hi Thomas,

Don’t forget the Holland Casino at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Kind regards,


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