95 Years – The Different Faces Of KLM

KLM will celebrate its 95th anniversary on 7 October 2014. Every year on this day we stop to reflect on KLM’s illustrious past and look to the future. Our employees are proud of this milestone and will contribute to KLM’s success in the coming five years. Which is why we want to share nine short movies, in which  KLM staff and one KLM customer share their passion and pride in their jobs. 

Keep an eye on this blog post, which will be updated frequently in the coming weeks.

Number nine: Our passenger

[tweet text=”I like the fact that KLM is in line with the Dutch culture”]

Number eight: Teamleader Turn Around

[tweet text=”When you’re abroad it’s great to see one of those big blue birds rolling in”]

Number Seven: Esther, our Operations Controller

[tweet text=”My digital fleet overview consists of 270 European flights a day operated by 48 Boeing 737’s”]

Sixth: Djamilla, our Social Media Agent.

[tweet text=”The best part of my job is that it’s everywhere, all the time”]

Fifth: Asher, our IT Specialist.

[tweet text=”In IT we’re everywhere”]

Fourth: Joost, our Pilot.

[tweet text=”As a kid it was something I always looked forward to doing.”]

Third: Irene, KLM purser.

[tweet text=”There’s a thread running through every person’s life. Mine is blue.”]

Second: Rene, our KLM designer.

[tweet text=”When I see a plane flying which I’ve designed on paper, I get goose bumps”]

First up is Ton, one of our ground engineers

[tweet text=”I love coming into the hanger and seeing one of our planes. One of KLM’s most prized possessions”]

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Willem Knol

In 2007 overgenomen door Sodexo na 28 jar voor de blauwe trots te hebben gewerkt, onze OR van toen heft ervoor gezorgd dat wij onze KLM CAO hebben mogen meenemen. Dit is dus mijn 36ste dienstjaar en ik ben nog steeds trots op het blauw en geniet iedere keer weer bij zo een blauwe vogel. 95 jaar vier ik ook mee al is het op een andere manier, maar zeker met trots.
Willem Knol

Daniel Christen

Happy Birthday!!! Age 95 and such a young spirit and still so much passion, that is impressive!!!

Ahmed Alaa

Happy Birthday and long live KLM this leading airline company

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