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Originally I was a computer programmer. After working in that business for about five years, I decided to explore the world. I quitted my job and started a backpacking journey through Asia for a year and a half. I didn’t return as a ‘flower child’ (as many did), but I did get infected by wanderlust. So I applied for a job as a cabin attendant with KLM. This was in 1994. I’ve met many colleagues who planned to do this job for only a few years but are still there now. Just as I am. Because this is the best job ever, for many reasons.

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Work out 3

One of the things I always bring along on my flights is my sportswear. But, owing to my lack of discipline, it’s starting to become rather painful to unpack it again, unused, at the end of my trip. The majority of hotels that we stay at have excellent fitness rooms. And it isn’t that I… read more »

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Rio carnaval

It’s rather a cliché, I know, but whenever I think of Rio de Janeiro, I tend to sing ‘The girl from Ipanema’. Not surprisingly, this song is often on my mind these days, since KLM is going to re-open its flights to this magical Brazilian seaside metropolis. I got to know Rio in my early… read more »

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Lost hours 2

One of the advantages of being away from home and having some spare time now and then, is that I get round to things I don’t give myself the time for at home, like reading a book. Most of the books that I’ve read over the past years have been read beside a swimming pool… read more »

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klm house #92

I already mentioned the Delft Blue Houses in a previous blog. These pretty little miniatures are KLM’s gift to Business Class passengers and are very popular. The good news is that this month house number 92 has been released. It was only a few years ago that I learned that a lot of these miniatures… read more »

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Orange Babies supports HIV-infected mothers and their babies in Africa.

Orange is the colour of Holland. At least, in our opinion. So on world-famous Queen’s Day (well, we like to think it’s world-famous) most towns in our country are decked out in orange. Almost every Dutchman has an orange shirt, dress, hat or pair of trousers in this colour, which is only brought out on… read more »

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Have you ever read any books by Redmond O’Hanlon? I’ve read quite a few of them and was deeply impressed by In Trouble Again: A Journey between the Orinoco and the Amazon in particular. That’s not just because of the hilarious way the author describes his journey into the deep, impassable rainforest. What regularly comes… read more »

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Live reply blauw

Wear your KLM uniform but preferably not your highest heels: we expect some light physical effort of you. That’s about all I knew when I drove off to Hangar 12 at Schiphol airport to join KLM’s new Social Media Campaign. Five hundred colleagues from all divisions wearing a KLM uniform were requested to help create… read more »