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Originally I was a computer programmer. After working in that business for about five years, I decided to explore the world. I quitted my job and started a backpacking journey through Asia for a year and a half. I didn’t return as a ‘flower child’ (as many did), but I did get infected by wanderlust. So I applied for a job as a cabin attendant with KLM. This was in 1994. I’ve met many colleagues who planned to do this job for only a few years but are still there now. Just as I am. Because this is the best job ever, for many reasons.

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For the time being, I am the proud owner of three ‘homes’. My old house, my new house and my suitcase. I know, I can’t actually live in a suitcase, but it is indeed my miniature home during my days abroad. Looking at it that way, you could say that all airline crew have two… read more »

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Not right now 2

At times I feel truly sorry for the partners of airline crew. I presume I’m not the only one – even though I’ve lived with my partner for years, he must still be surprised by my occasional “Not right now!” on the day of my return. And it could be anything that isn’t possible “right… read more »

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On cold, windy, rainy days I usually don’t mind leaving Holland. Especially when the flight is to an exotic place. While people struggle to work on their bikes or try not to get wet by huddling together at the bus stop, I am not at all sorry to be leaving. In summer though, at times… read more »

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blog 22 Generalizing 2

To explore the world and to give in to one’s curiosity about other cultures. I assume those are the main reasons why most people travel to foreign countries. I’m pretty sure these are also the main motives behind most of my colleagues applying for the job of cabin attendant. They certainly were for me. Having… read more »

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I hadn’t been to Japan since the earthquake of last March.

It was months after 9/11 that I visited New York again. I felt awkward and expected to find a completely different city to the one I knew from former visits. But when I walked through the streets, nothing seemed to have changed. As an occasional visitor I didn’t connect to the heart of the city-that-never-sleeps… read more »

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Only then did I notice my handbag...

That first flight after a holiday is probably much the same as going back to your office after some time off. Only our office is a plane and the job is to bring the flight to a successful conclusion. I’m pretty sure that those first moments back at work are the same for almost everyone.… read more »

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

You might say that flight crews are professionals in catching flights. So why is it that I become a complete nitwit the moment I’m a passenger myself? Take the last time for instance. First of all, every time I use Schiphol airport, I’m struck by how big it is. This time too, it takes me… read more »