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Originally I was a computer programmer. After working in that business for about five years, I decided to explore the world. I quitted my job and started a backpacking journey through Asia for a year and a half. I didn’t return as a ‘flower child’ (as many did), but I did get infected by wanderlust. So I applied for a job as a cabin attendant with KLM. This was in 1994. I’ve met many colleagues who planned to do this job for only a few years but are still there now. Just as I am. Because this is the best job ever, for many reasons.

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There used to be a time when we would race to the reception desk of our crew’s hotel every day. Just the lucky few would receive a fax from the home front, while the rest of us were kept in ignorance. Only on very long trips would we make a quick collect call to check… read more »

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There used to be a time when I had no problem at all staying awake at night. I would just switch that button in my head to ‘on’, and my body would listen. Nowadays it can be quite a struggle to make it through a sleepless night. Since many KLM flights to Amsterdam are night… read more »

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It strikes me that many people are very polite. Most people I meet are quick to cooperate, help out and be kind to each other. This is no different on board. People are helpful, patient and understanding towards their fellow passengers, and to me and my colleagues. Only now and then does someone get impatient… read more »

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Running late

Waking up this morning, my heart is in my throat. I hear a phone ring and, panic-stricken, try to remember what day it is. By the time I find my phone, it has stopped ringing: a missed private call. In the meantime I discover that it’s Wednesday. But what does Wednesday mean if you’re a… read more »

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I was beginning to feel distinctly queasy towards the end of the journey

Our stopover in Mexico City had been excellent. The less excellent part of it started in the crew-bus from the hotel to the airport. We wondered where (and whether!) the driver had ever got his licence. I’ve never experienced such bad driving in my life. For the entire trip he would pull up, slow down… read more »

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Being a rather homey kind of person, a lot of my friends have never understood my choice of career. They know I love to be on familiar territory, so that everything that represents ‘me’ is near. They wonder how I survive travelling from one end of the world to the other and staying in foreign… read more »

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Would you like the vegetarian chicken?

Waking up in the morning, there’s always something wandering about in my head. Usually it’s a line from a song. But frequently it’s a line from the flight safety video on board. While I gently return to the bright new world, a voice in my head might tell me: “Put the back of your seat… read more »