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Guest blog KLMs’ guest blog is open to anyone who wants to share stories of their travels, favourite destinations, travel experience or tips. Be our guest and tell us in 300 to 400 words about the adventures you experienced, the ones you are planning or the ones you only fantasize about. A guest blog will be posted every Thursday.

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As a small boy I wanted to become a brain surgeon, but after dropping Latin and Greek I let that dream go. My new dream was to be a jet pilot, but my eyesight wasn’t good enough. Nonetheless, I remained fascinated by flying. So it was to be expected that my midlife crisis obsession, in… read more »

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The moment I took up the challenge of being city embajador of Madrid for our KLM Twitter account KLM Localeyes, I felt a slight sense of fear. Just imagine, I have never written a travel guide before, or anything like one, and now my personal tips were to be published online, on social media… And… read more »

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KLM has served responsible beef on board since 1 October 2013. The meat is supplied by a small Dutch company that is championing sustainable and transparent business practices in the meat sector. Cynthia Bruining, owner of De Vrije Koe (The Free Cow), explains how she worked with KLM to make arrangements that seemed impossible in… read more »

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Culture, good food, fine wines, nice shops, romance… Florence has got it all!That must have been Dan Brown’s idea exactly when he decided to locate his latest book in the city of Dante Alighieri. If you haven’t read or finished Dan Brown’s Inferno yet, stop reading this article right now! I will reveal some of… read more »

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New York is one of the cities that made jazz what it is today and a number of the venues where this uniquely American music was born are still open. If you’re traveling to the Big Apple in the month of June, check out the Blue Note Jazz Festival (1-30 June). It has quickly become… read more »

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WIFI on board KLM operates their first official WIFI flight, and I have been chosen to be one of the lucky employees to test it. Flight KL757 to Panama. A bold choice, as electronic equipment and internet in particular, tends to malfunction around me. It simply seems to hate me, despite all the love I… read more »

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Hi, my name is Tara. I love travelling and started writing about it a couple of years ago. Not just because I wanted to share my experiences, but most of all to entertain my family and friends. I went to Cuba for the first time three years ago, and fell completely in love with it.… read more »