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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was founded in 1919, making it the world's oldest airline operating under its original name. In 2004, Air France and KLM merged to form AIR FRANCE KLM. The merger produced the strongest European airline group based on two powerful brands names and hubs — Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Paris Charles de Gaulle. The two airlines collaborate on three core activities while maintaining their own identities — passenger transport, cargo, transport, and aircraft maintenance. In the Netherlands, KLM comprises the core of the KLM Group which further includes KLM Cityhopper, transavia.com and Martinair. KLM serves 125 destinations. The KLM Group operates a modern fleet of 205 aircraft and employs over 34,000 people around the world. KLM is a leader in the airline industry, which offers reliable operations and customer-oriented products resulting from its policy of enthusiasm and sustainable innovation. KLM is a member of SkyTeam, an airline alliance offering a network of 898 destinations in more than 169 nations on six continents. The KLM network connects the Netherlands to every important economic region around the world and, as such, serves as a powerful driver for the Dutch economy.

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cockpit simumator

Flight simulators have changed quite a bit since they were introduced over a century ago. They are now a key part of training for pilots and cabin crew. The earliest ones, which date from the beginning of the 20th century, were little more than a seat with some fake controls. These were mounted on a… read more »

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We have probably all enjoyed an in-flight meal at some stage. We’re given a small tray by the cabin crew, take the cutlery out, tear the cellophane off the meal and tuck in. But stop right there. What do you really know about in-flight catering? What had to be done before you could stick your… read more »

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From the Social Media Hub… Planes are big. And they’re getting bigger. It’s quite an impressive sight seeing such a piece of heavy machinery lift off like a hummingbird. Once airborne, we can look down on earth and watch objects getting smaller and smaller. Maybe it’s this large-scale view, maybe it’s the child in all… read more »

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Anyone who travels knows that no two sips of tap water are the same. The quality of drinking water varies enormously between countries. Water quality is an important point of consideration for KLM, that takes water on board from so many destination airports for the in-bound flights to Amsterdam. Drinking water is available on every… read more »

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Golden Oriole

Last Thursday Schiphol Airport welcomed KLM’s newest Boeing 737-700. The aircraft will be dubbed the “Wielewaal” — in English “The golden oriole”. The delivery of the Wielewaal  is number thirteen of a total of eighteen B737-700s ordered by KLM. Purchasing aircraft of this type forms part of KLM’s vigorous fleet renewal programme launched in 2002.… read more »

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Tile & Inspire: the stickers

It seems so easy, ‘Let’s get our fans on Facebook to design a Delft Blue tile for their profile picture and stick some of the entries onto one of our aircraft.’ That was the idea. The purpose was to increase brand recognition and to inspire people worldwide. A simple idea with huge consequences: 120,000 tiles… read more »

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Two large cranes lift the Fokker 100 into place on the Panorama Terrace.

Since last Wednesday, Schiphol Airport has an new attraction thanks to the KLM Group and especially KLM Cityhopper. On Tuesday a rebuilt KLC Fokker 100 was lifted onto Schiphol’s Panorama Terrace. The Fokker, which will convey the excitement of aviation to the 600,000 visitors every year, features a variety of things to see in terms… read more »