Marcelle Mudde

Walking around on slippers every day, seeing palm trees wherever you look, surfing on magnificent beaches before you go to work, hiking up the mountain before sunrise, and having no real social agenda – that’s the kind of lifestyle I found in Cape Town, which is why I decided to settle there. The dream came true for my partner and me in 2016. It was the most difficult decision I’d ever made, but also the best. I had a really good job in the Netherlands, as marketer of one of biggest women’s magazine. Now I’m an entrepreneur in South Africa. Together with my partner, we’re building brands in South Africa via our business Label Orange Group. I’ll be using these blogs to tell you about our adventures. I’ll be discussing all the fascinating aspects of living abroad, documenting what happens when you step out of your comfort zone, and last but certainly not least, I’ll be telling you about booming Cape Town, the city that has it all. For me, at least!

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