Mark Wagtendonk

After joining KLM in 2008, I spent six years flying all over the world as second officer aboard the Boeing 777. Nowadays, I fly Boeing 737s on European routes as first officer/co-pilot. When I started flying, I soon realised that the job gives you a panoramic view of the world, literally and figuratively. New destinations allow one to catch a glimpse of other cultures, while cockpit windows offer one a unique perspective on the world. It’s a view that never ceases to amaze me. Glaciers in Greenland, the flanks of the mighty Himalayas, the starry sky above the ink-black Atlantic. My second passion is photography. In this series of blogs, I share photos that depict the indescribable or recount remarkable stories. Hopefully you will get as much enjoyment out of viewing them, as I do capturing them.