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Richard de Nooy (1965) grew up in South Africa and vowed to travel the world. He didn’t get much further than Amsterdam, where he has lived for the past 25 years. He spends his days writing and translating and staring at the sky, trying to guess where the planes are going. He will be mapping his ignorance of the world’s cities from his desk chair, using his preferred mode of transport; the worldwide web. He hopes readers will excuse his ignorance and help fill the vast gaps in his knowledge with entertaining and enlightening anecdotes about their home towns. Richard de Nooy’s novels have been published in English and Dutch. You’ll find further information on his site Photo by Stefanie Grätz

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I deserve to be bald. I once had a mullet, which later became a ponytail. I also rubbed soap in my hair to make it spiky during my faux-punk period, and there was a time when I applied more gel to my scalp than the average professional football team uses in a season. In short,… read more »

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Long ago, I wanted to be a game ranger. One of the first holidays I can remember was to the Kruger Park in South Africa. My parents bought us a booklet with pictures of all the animals, and my sister, brother and I set ourselves the impossible goal of spotting every single species in the… read more »

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England is eccentric, surreal, full of surprises. It is also very lovely. Especially when the sun is shining. I spent twenty-four hours in Kent. That’s in the south-east, also known as the-lumpy-bit-at-the-bottom-right-of-the-island-leaning-over-to-kiss-France. It was a bank holiday. I could buy a mattress, I could bet on horses, I could even have robbed a bottle store,… read more »

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My wife and I have decided to retire to Norway. More specifically, to the village of Alnes, just four tunnels and a bridge away from Ålesund, where all new visitors are welcomed with a parade. We’ll be opening a modest wine emporium in Ålesund, as alcohol is clearly the easiest way to earn money (and… read more »

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“He’s too far gone to read anything, dear,” said my mother, “but he still loves looking at photos.” So I bought a picture book full of the world’s greatest paintings and flew to Johannesburg. That was the last gift I ever gave my father. He pretended to recognise me when I went to visit him.… read more »

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All things must come to an end, and the alphabet is certainly no exception. In the last blog of this series, we’ll be taking a look at the origin of city names starting with the letters U (0), V (3), W (3), X (1), Y (0) and Z (1). By popular demand, I’ll once again… read more »

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“Can you draw this for me?” I ask. He unfolds the printout. His eyes almost leap out of their sockets when he sees the painting. “Wow! Did you make this? I could never make this, man! This is too hard for me! Much too hard!” “It’s by Johannes Vermeer. But I don’t want an exact… read more »