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Richard de Nooy (1965) grew up in South Africa and vowed to travel the world. He didn’t get much further than Amsterdam, where he has lived for the past 25 years. He spends his days writing and translating and staring at the sky, trying to guess where the planes are going. He will be mapping his ignorance of the world’s cities from his desk chair, using his preferred mode of transport; the worldwide web. He hopes readers will excuse his ignorance and help fill the vast gaps in his knowledge with entertaining and enlightening anecdotes about their home towns. Richard de Nooy’s novels have been published in English and Dutch. You’ll find further information on his site Photo by Stefanie Grätz

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“We’re bored, Dad.” My daughter Gaia and her friend Jehanne, both twelve, are lounging on the couch, waiting for me to ferry them to their singing lesson. “Wanna help me write my blog?” I ask. “Cool!” they chorus. “What do we have to do?” “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear… read more »

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I am a barbarian who knows next to nothing about classical music. Amsterdam boasts one of the world’s greatest orchestras, but I have never seen it perform. I couldn’t tell Beethoven from Mozart or Brahms from Bartok. I didn’t even know that the Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; RCO) and Het Concertgebouw (Amsterdam’s Concert Hall)… read more »

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Six silent swans soared silently southward Saw Scandinavia’s statuesque Stockholm Solid Stavanger, salt-swept Sandefjord Swooped still, scanning Stuttgart Spotted stunning Seoul, suspenseful Shanghai Staring Singaporeans saw sublime shadows slide Saint-seeking spirits circled splendid São Paulo Sublime San Francisco saw swans sailing south. The first line of this tongue-twister will, no doubt, be familiar to some… read more »

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I don’t know where to start. Jasper, my blog whisperer at KLM, has sent me four or five different schedules for the Amsterdam 2013 festivities. I’m spoilt for choice. Shall I start by telling you about the opening of the Rijksmuseum? Or should I delight you with the musical history of the Concertgebouw and its… read more »

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The new year has galloped off to a great start. My new novel was released (in Dutch) on Tuesday and I spent first week of the year tossing and turning in sleepless anticipation of the radio and TV interviews I babbled my way through on Wednesday. Whenever I have to answer questions about my books,… read more »

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When I left home thirty years ago, my mother gave me a little green booklet. “Don’t open it until you get there,” she said with a smile. “Don’t worry, I won’t,” I replied, because I’d already peeked at the first page, on which she’d written the ominous words: “Your daily dose of Motherly Concern.” I… read more »

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“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” My friend Tony had this saying pinned to his office notice board for many years. Tony and I shared a job, which meant we usually weren’t in the office together. It also meant I could be very childish and hang up my own… read more »