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Richard de Nooy (1965) grew up in South Africa and vowed to travel the world. He didn’t get much further than Amsterdam, where he has lived for the past 25 years. He spends his days writing and translating and staring at the sky, trying to guess where the planes are going. He will be mapping his ignorance of the world’s cities from his desk chair, using his preferred mode of transport; the worldwide web. He hopes readers will excuse his ignorance and help fill the vast gaps in his knowledge with entertaining and enlightening anecdotes about their home towns. Richard de Nooy’s novels have been published in English and Dutch. You’ll find further information on his site Photo by Stefanie Grätz

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Louis Greenberg, who edits all my blogs, also writes horror stories. He is one half of author S.L. Grey, together with his Siamese writing twin Sarah Lotz. I mention this not because I wish to subject you to a name-dropping gore fest, but because Louis supplied the photos for this week’s blog and because I… read more »

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I’m deeply disappointed. As you may remember, I’ve been in a one-sided running battle with the Obsessive Network Planner since I discovered that there are a disproportionate number of KLM destinations starting with K, L and M. But no one seems to care that this villain will stop at nothing until Aalborg, Barcelona and Chicago… read more »

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People sometimes come up to me in the street and ask if I’ll ever run out of ideas for my blog or if I ever suffer from writer’s block. My answer is always no, because I can retreat into my own head to explore the many different imaginary worlds inside – weird and wonderful places… read more »

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The Obsessive Network Planner (ONP) has struck again. A couple of weeks back I made the surprising discovery that KLM serves a disproportionate number of destinations starting with the letters K, L and M. Earlier this year, KLM began operating flights to Luanda and Lusaka. Before that, it was Linköping and Lima, and I recently… read more »

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Sometimes I get hopelessly lost looking for answers. Take this delightful decorative door, for example, set in a thick wall upon which the surrounding foliage has projected a superb shadowscape. It isn’t hard to imagine an Indonesian Wayang master using this as a backdrop for a romantic encounter between two shadow puppets. Those may seem… read more »

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I have made a startling discovery: while only three KLM destinations begin with the letters I and J – Istanbul, Johannesburg and Jakarta – no fewer than nine destinations begin with the letter K. What’s even more intriguing is that ten KLM destinations begin with L, and twelve begin with M! Conclusion? There must be… read more »

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We were driving home from Italy when it began. “So, where should we go next year? Canada? Australia? Namibia?” asked my wife, whose desire to see distant destinations is undiminished, even though she spends almost a third of her life travelling. We spent a hundred kilometres discussing the options as we drove, but we couldn’t… read more »