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Richard de Nooy (1965) grew up in South Africa and vowed to travel the world. He didn’t get much further than Amsterdam, where he has lived for the past 25 years. He spends his days writing and translating and staring at the sky, trying to guess where the planes are going. He will be mapping his ignorance of the world’s cities from his desk chair, using his preferred mode of transport; the worldwide web. He hopes readers will excuse his ignorance and help fill the vast gaps in his knowledge with entertaining and enlightening anecdotes about their home towns. Richard de Nooy’s novels have been published in English and Dutch. You’ll find further information on his site Photo by Stefanie Grätz

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Last week I returned from a wonderful holiday in Switzerland and Italy, rested and rejuvenated, my batteries recharged, chock-full of unused clichés and ideas. In fact, I have so much to blog about, I’m not sure where to start. Should I tell you about Switzerland, which I had previously only ever seen gift-wrapped in ice… read more »

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Terra Icognita - no1 - 2

Before I head off on my summer holiday, I’d like to launch a new series called “Terra Incognita”, in which I’ll be needing your help in identifying an “unknown land” on the basis of three photos. This time round the photos were sent to me by my friend Martin Broekhuis, who has abused my body… read more »

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Sit up straight! Pay attention! I’ve received distressing reports that some of you have fallen asleep, so it’s time for a wake-up call: the Headmaster’s Where’s-Where Quiz of Cities Starting with H. Listen closely because I will explain this only once. Hey, come back here! Sit down! The concept is simple: I’ll explain the origin… read more »

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Sadly, it has taken me five blogs to discover that there’s actually a name for the study of place names, their origin and meaning. The word “toponymy” derives from the Greek words for “place” (tópos) and “name” (ónoma), which is so obvious I can hardly believe the Great Oracle Ogle hasn’t pointed it out before.… read more »

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My first name isn’t Richard, it’s Johan. That’s how we (used to) roll in my family. I come from a long line of Johans who were all known by their second names. This lovely tradition was of little consequence until the early 1980s, when the hit series Dallas first appeared on South African television. The… read more »

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The show is almost over, dear readers. This is the last of the series in which I try to ascertain the location of the slides I inherited from my father. Previous editions saw us hopping from Spain to Mexico and Sweden, and from France to Turkey and Greece. Here’s hoping the four pictures below will… read more »

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What do these three have in common? Any ideas? Here’s a hint: they are NOT the secret ingredients of an international stew served at United Nations banquets. Shikaakwa, al-Qāhira and Guichéng are the original names of cities that start with the letter C in English. Welcome to Part III of my alphabetical series on the… read more »