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Richard de Nooy (1965) grew up in South Africa and vowed to travel the world. He didn’t get much further than Amsterdam, where he has lived for the past 25 years. He spends his days writing and translating and staring at the sky, trying to guess where the planes are going. He will be mapping his ignorance of the world’s cities from his desk chair, using his preferred mode of transport; the worldwide web. He hopes readers will excuse his ignorance and help fill the vast gaps in his knowledge with entertaining and enlightening anecdotes about their home towns. Richard de Nooy’s novels have been published in English and Dutch. You’ll find further information on his site Photo by Stefanie Grätz

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I do not like jogging. But I love sprinting. More accurately, I used to love sprinting. Nowadays it causes me to tear muscles. Mostly when I am playing football. And when I say “football”, I mean “soccer”, not the game played by numbered knights in tights chasing odd-shaped balls. I am a striker, an attacker.… read more »

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My father saw a lot more of the world than I ever will. The photos of his travels – dating mainly from the 1960s and ’70s – clearly show that he had a fascination for trains, cars and boats. There is also a photo of a helicopter, but there are no photos of planes. Although… read more »

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Beer and bistros, but also Brussels sprouts and bureaucracy – these are the first things that spring to mind when I hear the word Brussels. Closely followed by “avoid at all costs when travelling by car”. Not many people know this, but the beltways around European capitals like Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels are not designed… read more »

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In January, I wrote a blog about crazy tours and contests, asking you to share the more unusual customs and contests of your own countries. On reviewing your comments, I was surprised to discover that both Heloisa T. Ramos Roberto of Brazil and William Setiawan of Indonesia mentioned contests that involve climbing a slippery pole… read more »

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My father travelled all over the world exhibiting and selling medical instruments. He always took pictures of the cities he visited, as I’ve mentioned before. When my father passed away, I was lumped with the arduous task of selecting the best of his slides. I’m embarrassed to admit that I ended up throwing away two… read more »

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“People always seem to have time for brunch in Cape Town.” That was the answer I gave to a journalist who asked what I thought was the main difference between Cape Town and Johannesburg. I could have mentioned the climate, the spectacular scenery, or even the inclination to uphold (Cape Town) or ignore (Johannesburg) traffic… read more »

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“We now go to Atlantis for live coverage of the Olympic Games,” said the sports commentator. “Where the underwater sprint event is just getting underway,” I remember thinking to myself, as I imagined athletes wearing goggles, aqualungs and flippers racing in slow motion over the ocean floor. I have no proof that the commentator really… read more »