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Want to share your travel stories on our blog?

KLMs’ guest blog is open to you. Would you like to contribute and share stories of your travels, favourite destinations, travel experience or tips? Now is your chance.

A guest blog will be posted on Thursday. You can send your blog to We do reserve the right to make any changes to the blog we find necessary, but we will check these changes with you. We will let you know íf and when we will post your contribution.

We do have a few guidelines:

  • The perfect length for a blog is 300 to 400 words
  • Please add some information about who you are
  • Please do include illustrations
  • Please do include links for more information
  • Obscenities or insults to people or companies will not be published.
  • Commercial messages and personal advertisements are not welcome.
  • Serious accidents always have a lasting impact on many people. Therefore we won’t accept blogs about these matters.
  • In order to protect your privacy and the privacy of others please do not include any personal data in your blog.