Hello? I am Flynt. I was KLM’s first interactive puppet. My job was to be critical about KLM. I travelled the world, tested many of KLM’s products and services, and visited a variety of KLM departments to see what was going on. Today I have retired to spend more time with my fishing rod.

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Flynt: “Today is the day I retire”

Today is the day I retire. But I have lots of good memories: How it all began My first day was a day to remember. The first walk down memory lane was a loooooooong walk for a puppet with short legs like mine (my feet still hurt). I’ve met many departments And the Flight Training Centre was my favourite. All those rudders, rotors, ratters and ramblers got my head spinning. Well, virtually speaking. Tested KLM products and services Experience in sitting is a pre < stated in the job application. Meet me. In all my puppet years, I’ve tested many chairs. I sure know when a seat is comfortable…