Michiel van Dorst

I started my career 22 years ago as a KLM pilot. Besides being a passionate Boeing 737 captain, I am also the Executive Vice President of KLM’s Flight Operations division. In my blog I would like to share my passion of flying with you, explain a few things about the aviation industry, and show you my workplace at 40,000 feet!

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Cockpit Videos – A Pilot’s View

Allow me to show you my workplace—the cockpit at 40,000 feet. It’s a fascinating place to work and I get a lot of questions about it, at birthday parties or via social media. Using a series of cockpit videos, my colleagues and I are happy to explain how things work, whether it’s the autopilot or just how challenging it is to land on St. Maarten. For many people, being an airline pilot is a magical job. After twenty years on the job, it still is for me. The act of manoeuvring passengers in a large cylinder through the sky and putting them down safely is a wonderful feeling. I started flying…