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Flying Blue has contracts with several credit card companies, including American Express. These cards offer exclusive benefits for Flying Blue members. The Flying Blue American Express card is a product that is currently available in the Netherlands and France. Triggered by a renewed contract with Amex we have announced several changes in the Dutch market.… read more »

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Tile & Inspire: the stickers

It seems so easy, ‘Let’s get our fans on Facebook to design a Delft Blue tile for their profile picture and stick some of the entries onto one of our aircraft.’ That was the idea. The purpose was to increase brand recognition and to inspire people worldwide. A simple idea with huge consequences: 120,000 tiles… read more »

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Tile & Inspire

The Netherlands is famous for its windmills, wooden shoes and Delftware – and for KLM of course. What do you get when you combine all of these things? KLM’s new worldwide campaign ‘Tile & Inspire’. The campaign was launched yesterday. As part of the campaign, KLM has invited Facebook and other fans from around the… read more »

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AirCares kids

If you fly around the entire world you get profoundly impressed. Nature, culture or just people themselves can inspire you greatly. Unfortunately you also see the negative sides of life. And that’s why a lot of ‘flying’ KLM staff are committed to contributing something to local development at their destinations. They do this through Wings… read more »