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KLM has served responsible beef on board since 1 October 2013. The meat is supplied by a small Dutch company that is championing sustainable and transparent business practices in the meat sector. Cynthia Bruining, owner of De Vrije Koe (The Free Cow), explains how she worked with KLM to make arrangements that seemed impossible in… read more »

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I’m happy to say I have a locker where I can keep my valuables during my shifts. I always go to the locker room before my shift begins. Nothing very unusual about that — not until I walk around the corner to the sinks. And there it stands — a large, grey box with a… read more »

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For fifty years now, the World Wide Fund for Nature in the Netherlands (WWF-NL) has succeeded in preserving the earth’s riches. Yes, we have had success, but there is still no cause for celebration. Man’s impact on the earth is increasing at alarming proportions. Climate change is one of the greatest threats to our existence.… read more »

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30 januari Biokerosine

When it comes to the environment, KLM is a high-flyer. The first test flight using biofuel in 2009 has now led to official certification. With the permission and approval of all the relevant authorities, KLM carried out in the autumn of 2011 a series of commercial flights between Amsterdam and Paris fuelled by processed frying… read more »

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22 december Laura - kinderen

Here is our third and final blog… up until now, we have written about our planning of the trip, our efforts to fundraise as much money as possible for the Air France KLM Village in Bagong Silang, and about our emotional and heart-warming encounter with the villagers. Click here to read our first blog and our second… read more »

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15 december Laura 3

The moment we touched down in Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, we knew all the hard work we had put into organizing the trip and fundraising for the Air France KLM Village was about to pay off. But we had no idea yet of just how much this trip would impact our lives. We… read more »

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Judith Stuijt met Dr. Ganda

A few months ago, she introduced herself in her blog with the above title. Judith Stuijt, passionate fundraiser at the VU University Medical Center. From an early age, Judith was determined to do her bit to make the world a better place. On Sunday 18 September she will head to Eldoret, Kenya. For four days… read more »