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Valentine’s Day on 14 February is the day of love. But for me there’s nothing more romantic than spending time with my loved ones. On 1 December last year, my husband Camiel and I flew with our two-year-old daughter Hannah to Cape Town, South Africa, for a four-week holiday. It’s hard to know where to… read more »

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It had been on my wish list for some time. Preferably in winter. Atmospheric and challenging ;‑). True to our route schedule, we also fly a 737 to destinations just outside Europe. Destinations like this one where, after ten years of flying, I finally had the chance to visit for twenty-four hours: Moscow! “Hey, Nikita,… read more »

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Curaçao is a favourite destination among KLM crews. That’s no surprise. There’s sun and sea, and a lovely holiday feeling everywhere. That’s especially the case on Fuikdag — the best unorganised boat party in the Caribbean. Fishnet Bay I had requested this trip so I could visit a friend who lives on the island. He… read more »

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The new year has galloped off to a great start. My new novel was released (in Dutch) on Tuesday and I spent first week of the year tossing and turning in sleepless anticipation of the radio and TV interviews I babbled my way through on Wednesday. Whenever I have to answer questions about my books,… read more »

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We’ll be hearing a lot about Rio de Janeiro in the coming period, with the city hosting the 2014 World Cup Football and the 2016 Olympic Games. We were lucky that KLM was just switching to the winter schedule when we were in Rio, which meant we had three nights in the city, instead of… read more »

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“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” My friend Tony had this saying pinned to his office notice board for many years. Tony and I shared a job, which meant we usually weren’t in the office together. It also meant I could be very childish and hang up my own… read more »

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Four years ago I decided to live like a goddess in France. Not permanently, but just for a few weeks. Six to be exact. Rented a miniscule apartment in the heart of Paris. Rue Beauregard. 2nd arrondissement. 5th floor. 18 square meters to live, shower, cook and sleep. Small. But with a view on the… read more »