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‘Let’s take some pictures while we still can.’ This was the first thing I heard when I arrived at Gate C11, and it added to the slight feeling of excitement I already had. I joined the rest of the group that had been invited by KLM Germany to make this flight to Hamburg. Flying to… read more »

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Last year I had the privilege to visit the embraer factory in Sao José dos Campos in Brazil. Embraer is the third aircraft manufacturer in the world. And I was impressed..! While I walked through the immense halls I saw how the aircraft took shape. And what struck me most was how clean the factory… read more »

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B737 platform

This time in our series ‘Aircraft’, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Boeing 737. KLM has fifty Boeing 737s in its fleet, four of which (one 737-300 and three 737-400s) have now been phased out. In fact, their last flights were last weekend. Work started on designing the Boeing 737 in November 1964… read more »

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registratie uiver

As you probably know, all aircraft have a registration number. Dutch planes start with PH. But why PH? Is H for Holland and P for Plesman (Dutch aviation pioneer and the founder of KLM)? Or is it not that simple? It is not that simple! At a convention in Paris on 13 October 1919 it… read more »

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A330 opstijgen

This time in our ‘Aircraft’ series we are going to take a closer look at the Airbus A330. KLM has eleven A330-200s in its fleet. Three A330-300s will be added in the spring of 2012. The A330 is a unique plane; it has a beautiful design and uses less kerosene than other types of aircraft.… read more »

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Eerste vlucht aankomst SPL

Last week we mentioned in our blog how KLM started on 17 May 1920, with the leased ‘De Havilland DH.16 G-EALU’ (also known as the DH.9A) captained by the British pilot H. ‘Jerry’ Shaw. This week, the sequel to this milestone. As described in the last part, the first flight was operated with an aircraft… read more »