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De Havilland

After last week’s blog about seating in the F.XII, this week there’s more on aviation in times gone by. Although KLM was established on 7 October 1919, the airline didn’t operate its first commercial flight for more than seven months. On 17 May 1920, KLM’s leased De Havilland DH.16 G-EALU (also known as the DH.9A)… read more »

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Boeing 777

In our ‘Aircraft’ series, it’s time for a closer look at the B777. KLM has twenty B777s in its fleet – fifteen B777-200ER and five B777-300ER aircraft. The B777 looks a bit like a B737’s big brother. From a distance you don’t see much of a difference, but if you look up from the ground… read more »

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Golden Oriole

Last Thursday Schiphol Airport welcomed KLM’s newest Boeing 737-700. The aircraft will be dubbed the “Wielewaal” — in English “The golden oriole”. The delivery of the Wielewaal  is number thirteen of a total of eighteen B737-700s ordered by KLM. Purchasing aircraft of this type forms part of KLM’s vigorous fleet renewal programme launched in 2002.… read more »

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staart F70

The Fokker 70 (F70) is the smallest aircraft in the KLM fleet. KLM Cityhopper still has 26 F70s in service and is the biggest Fokker operator in the world. In fact, the F70 is a smaller version of the Fokker 100. The first F70 was a F100 prototype from which they removed two parts of… read more »

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Embraer en Zwarte Piet

Last week I was lucky enough to visit the Embraer factory in São José dos Campos (state of São Paulo) in Brazil. Embraer is the world’s third largest commercial aircraft maker, after Airbus and Boeing, and manufactures regional jets seating up to 120 passengers, as well as business jets and military aircraft. KLM Cityhopper (KLC)… read more »

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Planes are painted with electrostatic spraying equipment

Making a good first impression takes time and effort. Whether this means ensuring a clean-shaven face, putting on just the right amount of make-up and respectable clothing or using a consistent house style. In our case, it also means perfectly decorated airplanes. And, considering the importance of a meticulously painted aircraft, highly sophisticated techniques are… read more »

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Last week it was the B747-400 that got all the attention, so now the choice falls on the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. A little less ‘grande’ than the B747, also called ‘La Grande Dame’, one of KLM’s first officers called the MD-11 ‘the lady of the fleet’. Why? “It’s simple,” he says, “she’s a real woman.… read more »