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The maximum baggage weight permitted for is one of the questions most frequently asked by travellers. People who are shopping around for flights often want to know what KLM’s rules are in this regard. In past, those expecting an easy answer were often disappointed, because you needed to scroll through reams and reams of text… read more »

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58 world leaders, 50 government aircraft, and the whole world looking over our shoulder – it was quite a challenge to ensure smooth-running operations at Schiphol during the Nuclear Security Summit. Sjoerd Oskam, Security & Safety manager at KLM Ground Services, runs through the four main challenges we faced during the NSS. Challenge 1 |… read more »

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KLM Social Payments

I joined the social media service team a while ago and we’re the first to hear compliments and complaints. Passengers communicate readily through these channels and apart from business as usual, we now sell tickets. And that’s great! With around 130 employees at the ready, we respond quickly. With payment required for an increasing number… read more »

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About a year ago we started with the development of a complete new app especially designed for iPads. We saw in our web analytics that more and more people were visiting the KLM website using their iPad. To better serve this growing group of tablet users the idea to create the KLM App for iPad… read more »

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The immense popularity of KLM Surprise, a campaign that saw KLM treating passengers to personalised gifts, got me thinking about ways we could do something similar for our passengers on a permanent basis. “Social gifting” is a concept that was highly popular for some time and entails giving each other gifts with the aid of… read more »

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It was a cloudy day in the Netherlands. I was sitting in a conference room at KLM Head Office with a few social media colleagues, waiting for a meeting to start. We were discussing the @Sweden twitter account, which delegates a Swede to tweet about his/her country for one week. The tweets are genuine, open… read more »

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I couldn’t find my photos of Florence. I took them sometime last century, when digital photography was still a fuzzy joke. In those days, you dropped your roll of film at a special shop, waited a week for them to print the photos, viewed them once or twice, and then tossed them  into a big… read more »