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The Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service is compulsory for youngsters aged 5 to 14 travelling alone. The service is not compulsory for slightly older passengers aged 15 to 17, although it can be arranged if required. UMs wait for their flights in the KLM Junior Jet Lounge (JJL). They fly in on KLM flights or those… read more »

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“And so she strode down Damrak – the street an aging baroness forced into fishnet stockings and stiletto heels. The Queen of Sheba perched on the back of the Whore of Babylon.” Amsterdam can be pretty overwhelming at first sight. Most visitors arrive at Central Station and are then drawn, almost magically or magnetically, along… read more »

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I deserve to be bald. I once had a mullet, which later became a ponytail. I also rubbed soap in my hair to make it spiky during my faux-punk period, and there was a time when I applied more gel to my scalp than the average professional football team uses in a season. In short,… read more »

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Cabin attendant Martha almost lost her nerve as the camera zoomed in on her and Master Chef Richard Ekkebus, standing beside her trolley in the WBC aisle. ”Richard was so calm and professional, and such fun to be around that I immediately felt at ease doing my job,” said Martha. After all, it’s not every day… read more »

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England is eccentric, surreal, full of surprises. It is also very lovely. Especially when the sun is shining. I spent twenty-four hours in Kent. That’s in the south-east, also known as the-lumpy-bit-at-the-bottom-right-of-the-island-leaning-over-to-kiss-France. It was a bank holiday. I could buy a mattress, I could bet on horses, I could even have robbed a bottle store,… read more »

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We’ll be hearing a lot about Rio de Janeiro in the coming period, with the city hosting the 2014 World Cup Football and the 2016 Olympic Games. We were lucky that KLM was just switching to the winter schedule when we were in Rio, which meant we had three nights in the city, instead of… read more »

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Louis Greenberg, who edits all my blogs, also writes horror stories. He is one half of author S.L. Grey, together with his Siamese writing twin Sarah Lotz. I mention this not because I wish to subject you to a name-dropping gore fest, but because Louis supplied the photos for this week’s blog and because I… read more »