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Giving directions: all in a day

It seems like yesterday, but it’s been a year now since KLM introduced a new uniform for their female staff. I’m pretty sure that I will be referring to it as our ‘new uniform’ until the next one comes along. Which might be for quite a while: the previous one lasted over 20 years! I… read more »

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KLM collectables old and new

The only things I’ve ever collected in my life are marbles. There was a very practical reason for that: without them I couldn’t play marbles with my friends. And that would have made me an outsider – the greatest fear of almost every child. That’s where my short life as a collector ended. I don’t… read more »

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Flight to Miami: dj on board

Ever heard of the Fly2Miami flight? I’m talking about the first ever flight to be filled up via Twitter. Amazing! KLM announced on Twitter that they would be reopening their Amsterdam-Miami route on 27 March. A Dutch DJ and a filmmaker responded with disappointment, since that would be too late for the DJ festival starting… read more »

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cabin attendant

I’ve always wondered why the majority of people I meet think that the job of cabin attendant is a typically female thing. It’s an idea that must have grown over the years. According to the stories of retired cabin attendants I spoke to, who used to work in the business in the early years, it… read more »

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There’s hardly a night when I’m not woken up by my not-to-be-ignored bladder. I wouldn’t even call it ‘woken up’; it’s more like a state of half-consciousness in which my body informs the night-guard in my brain about the action that is needed. Preferably I stay as unconscious as possible at such times, so I… read more »

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Fly2Miami - KLM

Picture this: a bunch of fanatical DJs and dance fans on a private plane, raving to deep techno beats blaring over the PA system at 10k. One of them is at the mixing panel, while the others are exchanging the latest info on new releases and sampling techniques. Meanwhile, the cabin crew are swinging their… read more »

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What to eat?

There’s one thing that I’ve never gotten used to in all the years I’ve worked as a stewardess ? Jetlag. Thousands of articles and books have been written on this subject and I’ve read quite a few of them. But all this paper wisdom only taught me one thing: how to live with it. It… read more »