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Over the past ten years I have taken a lot of trips to training camps and competitions throughout the world; Melbourne, Korea, Pretoria, Seattle and Venezuela to sum up a few. As a swimmer with the Dutch National Team, you always want to be as fit as possible — especially after a long flight. If… read more »

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If you ever get a chance to be in Tokyo, don’t stay shut up in your hotel room. Sushi, Harajuku teenagers, cherry blossom: there’s enough to photograph. However, you make it very hard for yourself if you decide to go to Tsukiji fish market, especially if you have a jet lag, because it starts very… read more »

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‘Let’s take some pictures while we still can.’ This was the first thing I heard when I arrived at Gate C11, and it added to the slight feeling of excitement I already had. I joined the rest of the group that had been invited by KLM Germany to make this flight to Hamburg. Flying to… read more »

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We all have to make choices in life. Some are easy, some difficult, some interesting. For me personally, the most interesting choice I ever had to make was between a career as a physician and one as an airline pilot. The year was 1999, the last year of my medical studies and I still had… read more »

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Working on an aircraft at over 30,000 feet above sea level has its limitations. For instance, there is no hospital or police station nearby. No bakery, butcher or grocery store either. So when we need something that’s not on board, we have to improvise. We don’t have a magic wand to make it happen. I’ve… read more »

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One of the things I’ve become acquainted with during my years as a flight attendant is the Wonderful World of Shopping. I used to think of shopping as a necessary evil. It was something I did when there was no food left in the fridge, when the TV had broken down for good or when… read more »

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Before every flight cabin crew at KLM hold a pre-flight briefing. Obviously, flight safety and security, and the specific details for that flight are discussed every time. But another – unwritten – purpose of these briefings, is to check out your colleagues, and find the spirit of this team that has never worked together in… read more »