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Anyone who travels knows that no two sips of tap water are the same. The quality of drinking water varies enormously between countries. Water quality is an important point of consideration for KLM, that takes water on board from so many destination airports for the in-bound flights to Amsterdam. Drinking water is available on every… read more »

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I hadn’t been to Japan since the earthquake of last March.

It was months after 9/11 that I visited New York again. I felt awkward and expected to find a completely different city to the one I knew from former visits. But when I walked through the streets, nothing seemed to have changed. As an occasional visitor I didn’t connect to the heart of the city-that-never-sleeps… read more »

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Only then did I notice my handbag...

That first flight after a holiday is probably much the same as going back to your office after some time off. Only our office is a plane and the job is to bring the flight to a successful conclusion. I’m pretty sure that those first moments back at work are the same for almost everyone.… read more »

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

You might say that flight crews are professionals in catching flights. So why is it that I become a complete nitwit the moment I’m a passenger myself? Take the last time for instance. First of all, every time I use Schiphol airport, I’m struck by how big it is. This time too, it takes me… read more »

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There used to be a time when we would race to the reception desk of our crew’s hotel every day. Just the lucky few would receive a fax from the home front, while the rest of us were kept in ignorance. Only on very long trips would we make a quick collect call to check… read more »

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There used to be a time when I had no problem at all staying awake at night. I would just switch that button in my head to ‘on’, and my body would listen. Nowadays it can be quite a struggle to make it through a sleepless night. Since many KLM flights to Amsterdam are night… read more »

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It strikes me that many people are very polite. Most people I meet are quick to cooperate, help out and be kind to each other. This is no different on board. People are helpful, patient and understanding towards their fellow passengers, and to me and my colleagues. Only now and then does someone get impatient… read more »