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Part 4 : Roadmap and Strategy   KLM has been active in social media since late 2009. Ever since, people have been asking us about our social media strategy. In this fourth and final part of our blog series, we take a look at where we’re heading. 2009 was the year of orientation. In 2010… read more »

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‘Let’s take some pictures while we still can.’ This was the first thing I heard when I arrived at Gate C11, and it added to the slight feeling of excitement I already had. I joined the rest of the group that had been invited by KLM Germany to make this flight to Hamburg. Flying to… read more »

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We all have to make choices in life. Some are easy, some difficult, some interesting. For me personally, the most interesting choice I ever had to make was between a career as a physician and one as an airline pilot. The year was 1999, the last year of my medical studies and I still had… read more »

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One of the things I’ve become acquainted with during my years as a flight attendant is the Wonderful World of Shopping. I used to think of shopping as a necessary evil. It was something I did when there was no food left in the fridge, when the TV had broken down for good or when… read more »

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I recently changed jobs within KLM. I went from operations to communications. One of the perks of being a social media editor is that doors open easily. Last week, together with two colleagues, I went on my first ‘field trip’ to the KLM Engine Shop, located at Schiphol Airport. The Director of Business Strategy, Eric… read more »

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2 februari Tomo Harada

You can get all kinds of travel deals these days. You can get a seat on a plane for less than what you would pay for lunch, or a seat that will cost you a year’s savings. But regardless of how much you pay to make your life easy, you sometimes pull the short straw.… read more »

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Pieter Elbers

KLM and partners have been offering its passengers a finely woven, international network for 92 years. In 2011, we flew 35 million passengers to and from their destinations with our modern fleet. From the outset, KLM has always had an international orientation with the Netherlands as a small home base. KLM’s extensive network connects our… read more »