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As you may know, I’m on a mission to visit every country on Earth. The counter is up to 164, which means I have 30 countries to go. This probably explains my love of maps and globes. When I visited the world’s one and only Globe Museum in Vienna many years ago, I felt like… read more »

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World cities have a magical effect on me. They inspire me. They energise me in an indescribable way. They fill me with warmth. It feels a little bit like love — a kind of welcome-to-my-world feeling. That’s why I fly at least once a year to my BFF of all destinations: New York City! About… read more »

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Culture, good food, fine wines, nice shops, romance… Florence has got it all!That must have been Dan Brown’s idea exactly when he decided to locate his latest book in the city of Dante Alighieri. If you haven’t read or finished Dan Brown’s Inferno yet, stop reading this article right now! I will reveal some of… read more »

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“I got your card!” my mother says happily over the phone. For as long as I’ve been flying, I’ve sent my parents cards from around the world. My mother keeps them all. She even numbers them. It makes for a great travel story. I visit some destinations more often than others. Each card is a… read more »

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I like the people of Ghana, they are friendly and easy to get along with and I enjoy walking around Accra visiting the markets. Here, everybody gathers to chat, flirt and do business. Near our hotel there is a fish market and that’s where I’m headed today. You had better put on some old flip-flops.… read more »

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“French, Russian, Dutch – the Great European Melting Pot.” “What?” “Cultural exchange! Mutual inspiration! Cross-pollination!” My wife is accustomed to me thinking out loud. Her strategy is to ignore me until I get to the point. “That’s what the blog’s going to be about!” She calmly unchains her bike. We’ve just spent a couple of… read more »

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While the water surface seems to stretch out in front of us like some giant mirror reaching out to the horizon, we hear a band start to play. And, wherever you hear music in Africa, you won’t see people standing still. One by one, Africans start shaking their hips. In no time at all, there’s… read more »