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In my odyssey to explore all countries in the world (160 so far!) me and a dear travel companion and colleague ended up in Quito, Ecuador. From Guayaquil we visited the colonial city of Cuenca in the south-eastern of Ecuador. We passed through an empty landscape of mountains and lakes at high altitude. We liked… read more »

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“And so she strode down Damrak – the street an aging baroness forced into fishnet stockings and stiletto heels. The Queen of Sheba perched on the back of the Whore of Babylon.” Amsterdam can be pretty overwhelming at first sight. Most visitors arrive at Central Station and are then drawn, almost magically or magnetically, along… read more »

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The last time I was here, we called this city Peking. At that time, there were far fewer cars and many more bikes. I miss the bicycles. Beijing has been modernised. The metro system works well and stops at Tiananmen Square. So, when you come up to street level, you find yourself looking right at… read more »

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It was my birthday last week. Yet another wonderful year has literally and figuratively flown by. A year in which I discovered new destinations, some of which I had often dreamt about. Cities you really should see at least once in your life. Cities that make you break into dance, shake your hips, smile and… read more »

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As the bus is driving higher, I am getting colder. The switchbacks in the road imply that the sun is on my side half the time, and warms me up a little bit. Only a few weeks before, while preparing a 72-hour layover in Chengdu, I came across pictures of the fantastic hats and dresses… read more »

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Tropical temperatures and prevailing winds guarantee a pleasant stay on Bonaire, a Dutch community in the Caribbean. Kralendijk is the largest place, yet is still small and easy to get around. It has a harbour for cruise ships, a yacht marina, a charming boulevard, and great bars and restaurants. No one is in a hurry… read more »

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New York is one of the cities that made jazz what it is today and a number of the venues where this uniquely American music was born are still open. If you’re traveling to the Big Apple in the month of June, check out the Blue Note Jazz Festival (1-30 June). It has quickly become… read more »