Citizens of the Airport #13 – Doing things you enjoy

I like to think of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as a village, inhabited by millions of people for not more then a few hours per day max. But who are the people that pass through? What makes them tick? I’m on a quest to meet the Citizens of the Airport!

I spent my whole life travelling

His hand trembled. He looked at it, gave it a firm slap and said: “Stop it!” The shaking stopped and the man smiled mischievously.

“I’ve spent my whole life travelling. I was born in Scotland. Beautiful Edinburgh. I started working as a seaman. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed travelling. I enjoyed making port and meeting different people.”

[tweet text=”And then I arrived in Cape Town and fell in love. So I stayed there.”]

“I don’t travel as much as I used to. I’m 78 now and I only go back to Scotland once in a while.”

“I’ve never understood why people do things they don’t enjoy. Why would you do something if you don’t enjoy it? When you do things you enjoy, it makes life so much easier…”