Citizens of the Airport #26 – One Last Big Blowout

I like to think of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as a village, inhabited by millions of people for not more then a few hours per day max. But who are the people that pass through? What makes them tick? I’m on a quest to meet the Citizens of the Airport!

“We’ve been all over Europe. We even visited my sister in London, but Amsterdam is our favourite city of all. I just love the canals. They’re amazing.”

One last big blowout

“We’re both from Minnesota. We’re having one last, big blowout before we go off and start our own family. We’ve been married for four years now, so of course we’re thinking about children.”

Bigger opportunities

“People should be more patient. It’s typical for our generation to be in a rush, but sometimes you should stand still for a second and savour the moment. And with that in mind, people should try to save their money. Don’t rush your decisions and base them on impulses. There will be other and bigger opportunities on the road.”

[tweet text=”Don’t rush your decisions and base them on impulses.”]

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This is what I call a sympathic and openminded couple! I really love that post and how they start to think and change their life.

Go on Ben! Many more reports are welcome. ;)

Ben Kortman

What a lovely compliment Kate! I’m glad you like the Citizens of the Airport blog.
I’ll keep them coming :)


I really get addicted for your writings and very special kind of portrait photos as well!


This is so cute! What a great couple… and they obviously have good taste if they love Amsterdam! This is the first ‘Citizens of the Airport’ post I’ve seen, but I’m now off to read the rest of them! :D

Ben Kortman

Thanks Bitterballenbruid ;-)
Have fun reading the rest of the posts! Next episode appears on Friday…

Danny Enriquez

My favorite airline KLM and city Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Ben Kortman

I couldn’t agree more Danny ;-)

Mike de Souza

A very smart thinking couple. After you get married take the time to explore together and when both of you agree that the time is right, you start a family. My wife and myself got married 11 July 1981 and we were ready to start a family in 1984. Feb 18 1984, our daughter Stephanie was born. Our son Jonathan was born in !987 Nov 28 and he works in Amsterdam and our daughter works in Zeist. My wife and myself live in the country where we were born, Suriname. Great blog, keep up the good work.

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