Citizens of the Airport #30 – We Are All Pretty Similar

I like to think of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as a village, inhabited by millions of people for not more then a few hours per day max. But who are the people that pass through? What makes them tick? I’m on a quest to meet the Citizens of the Airport!

Just the other day I phoned home to my friends, completely drunk, which ended up being a very expensive phone call.

Missing friends back home

I am in a period of my life, where I feel more connected with my friends than my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family.

Missing friends back home in Argentina is the hardest thing when traveling 5 months. Plus… the good weather back home. The rain and short days in Holland are just… well, impossible to get used to.

The same dreams

Meeting new people I value the most while traveling. My conclusion is that despite I am from a completely different region we are all pretty similar. We love the same music and have the same dreams.


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Ken Jensen

This sounds fun! I’d love it, aviation/ airline enthusiast that I am! Any KLM crew members? Maybe inbound from LAX!!

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