Born in 1983, I recently found out that makes me part of "Generation Y ". I feel I'm more part of "Generation What?".

As a boy, I went from desiring to become a Paleontologist to Orca Trainer, I started studying psychology, got bored and dropped out, ending in "I really don't know anymore". "What should I study?"

"What am I good at?" "What do I really like?" The answer to that last question was easy: music and traveling. I decided to pick the first and go to art school, studying 'music composition for media' and graduated in 2008, just as the economic crisis unfolded. Oh, what luck.

When a friend told me KLM was hiring people in 2011 I didn't hesitate, applied and thankfully got hired. On my journeys I'm being accompanied by the mascot my friends gave me when I started this job: a KLM Barbie doll I have named 'Adrianna Bluebird'.

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