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It had been on my wish list for some time. Preferably in winter. Atmospheric and challenging ;‑). True to our route schedule, we also fly a 737 to destinations just outside Europe. Destinations like this one where, after ten years of flying, I finally had the chance to visit for twenty-four hours: Moscow!

“Hey, Nikita, Is It Cold?”
Moscow is a different kind of city. Seemed inaccessible for a long time. I had a few ideas about it. I always had to think of Elton John’s song, “Nikita”. Beautiful woman, grey fur hat, grey weather. But a song that also warms your heart. A pleasant idea when it’s ten below outside. And which gets you in the mood to discover Moscow. I pull the warmest clothing from my suitcase. Pack my camera and ask for a map from reception.

On My Way!
It’s a quick metro ride to Red Square for just 28 rubles — about 50 euro cents. Easy as that. Many of Moscow’s metro stations are a feast for the eyes. I’ve heard that from colleagues. I’ve only seen a couple. But, now, I want to spend my time above ground. I’m outside now. Snow is falling. Temperature’s not too bad. The sun’s breaking through, slowly. Here’s Red Square. Location of the famous St Basil’s Cathedral. The square where you can visit Lenin’s tomb and then arrive at the Kremlin within ten minutes. Pretty special.

My Moscow
I walk up to St Basil’s Cathedral’s joyous towers. Seeing this cathedral up close gives me that real Moscow feeling. Endless photos being taken all around me. For Facebook, for wedding scenes, for private albums. My hands can’t take the cold, yet. I get warm by going into the cathedral and walking around. From here, I’ve got a great view of Red Square. Beautiful vistas. I can even hear singing. I smile and enjoy.

To complete my visit, I walk around the Kremlin. Still so much to see and do. You have to experience Moscow, even if only for twenty-four hours.

My first “meeting” this year with this new destination is now a fact. Check! I’ve set foot on Red Square. Moscow at its best. snowy and cold. And sun! Surrounded by people in fur hats and happy nesting dolls. Enjoyment! From Russia With Love. Spasiba!

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