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Four years ago I decided to live like a goddess in France. Not permanently, but just for a few weeks. Six to be exact. Rented a miniscule apartment in the heart of Paris. Rue Beauregard. 2nd arrondissement. 5th floor. 18 square meters to live, shower, cook and sleep. Small. But with a view on the Sacre Coeur!

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This all to teach myself the beautiful French language. Every day 6 hours of French class. But also to enjoy. Armed with a travel guide on tour in city de L’amour. This is how I discovered my favorite little districts. Every district with its own charm. Its own story. On y va!

The small village within the big city
Montmartre. It’s here where you can just reminisce the history. I close my eyes. Here I feel the atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge, life on the streets. Edith Piaf. I enjoy the beautiful view over the city near the Sacre Coeur. Here you can really breathe-in Paris. Fall in Love. Have a delicious lunch at one of the cozy terraces. Shopping on rue des Abbesses.

Artistic and Mysterious
Like taking a journey thru a History book. That’s how St.Germain feels to me. I stop at a house, 14 rue des grands Augustins. The place where Picasso completed his masterpiece Guernica. Again I’m closing my eyes. Dreaming of his studio. That big canvas, several meters in length and hight. I smile. Wandering from St. Germain passed a small stretch of the Seine. Little stands with old Fashion magazines draw my attention. Buying a piece of histoire. Taking in the city, breathing-in the city. The Notre Dame towering besides the Seine.

From Le Marais to Bastille
I adore vintage & design and Le Marais is the perfect district to visit every time I am here. Countless boutiques. My inspiration being triggered. The busy rue des Rosiers, a beating heart of the Jewish district. Walking thru the breathtaking Place des Vosges to the Bastille. My stay in Paris isn’t complete without going to 13 rue de Charonne. In my best French I’m ordering an excellent wine. Glancing at the handwritten menu card. Delighted.

Every time when I arrive at CDG. Taking the train to Gare du Nord. Passing the Sacre Coeur, often with a clear blue sky, It feels like home. Paris suits me like a perfectly cut Chanel jacket. The atmosphere, dreaming, being there. I Just know….

Oui, Paris… Je t’aime.

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Lolita M. Balboa

I’ve been traveling in Europe for 8 times – in those 8 times – I never missed PARIS. It’s always included in our itinerary. The Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysses, Sacre Coeur, the fabulous Versailles, Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Arch of Triumph, the Column of Vendome, the Invalides (containing the tomb of Napoleon the Great), the Place de la Concorde, the Bois de Boulogne (magnificent park), the world-famous Museo de Louvre, the River Sienne, among others. Really beautiful! In all this travels in Europe, KLM is our carrier.

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