DareSheGoes: The Magic of Osaka

Our request system works perfectly for me. I can almost always put together my own flight schedule. How amazing is that? Japan has to be one of my favourite destinations. It’s fascinating, and I sometimes find myself getting quite ‘lost’. I don’t speak the language. The alphabet looks like ‘hieroglyphics’ to me. But the feeling of being ‘lost’ is actually brilliant. A challenge. Chuffed with being assigned a five-day Osaka flight.

Feel free to listen to my Osaka playlist:

Gateway to Kyoto
Osaka is ideally situated. Perfect for exploring that ‘lost’ feeling. JR (Japan Railways) takes you to Kyoto Station from Osaka Station within 40 minutes. Kyoto is an absolute must see. It’s known as the Paris of Japan. And I agree. Gets you to places like Gion. The mysterious Geisha district. And amazing temples. I visit the impressive Kiyomizu-Dera temple. On arrival, I’m greeted with a ‘gift’. The ‘cherry blossom’ on the cake. Sakura in early bloom. How beautiful! The best time is end March/start April. I also test my luck: ‘number 2, very good fortune.’ If your fortune is bad, tie it in a bow at the temple. Keep your good fortune with you in your purse. Despite the crowd, I feel serenely at peace. The view is awesome.

Memoires of a Geisha
Chawan-Zaka (Teapot Lane) takes you through authentic neighbourhoods. Geisha look-a-likes come out to greet me. They look beautiful. Let me take photos of them with pleasure. I wander through the genuine Geisha district Gion. During the day, you won’t find any Geishas, only Geisha schools. The curriculum includes lessons in dancing, pouring tea and flirting. It’s unbelievable. The world of a Geisha. While meandering my way through the streets of Gion I come to rest every so often, entranced by the mystery of it all. That’s the beauty of Kyoto, each area has its own atmosphere. Downtown Kyoto is the same as in any big city. Tall buildings, loads of traffic. From here, I head towards Kyoto station. Take the train back to Osaka.

Osaka Castle
On my last day off I visit Osaka Castle, located in Castle Park. People cycling, picnicking, working out. The castle itself has a turbulent history. Destroyed and reconstructed several times. But this replica gives me a fantastic view of Osaka. The sun shines. Japan is extraordinary. Actually, I never feel ‘lost’. A good travel guide, sense of humour and a smile get you a long way. To a little piece of Magic on Earth.