Europe Business Class – Enjoy your personal space

May we introduce you to our Europe Business Class? It replaces KLM Europe Select. You might want to know why we chose a new name for our European flights. The answer is simple – it’s a new name for a new product.

We decided to rethink Business Class on our European fleet based on customer feedback. This showed that our customers want a more satisfying Business Class travel experience – one that provides more personal space, more personal attention and more efficiency.

Let’s start with space. Our new Europe Business Class section at the front of the aircraft not only provides more legroom but also gives you more personal space. And since you will never be seated in the middle, you will have the ideal environment for working.

But space alone is not what makes our Europe Business Class worth booking. Let’s move on to efficiency. In our new Europe Business Class, you’ll have priority ground services. That means no queues for check-in, an extra baggage allowance and priority baggage handling. It also means access to the priority lanes, priority boarding and the comfort and convenience of our lounges where you can simply relax before your flight or get on with some work. With a snack or drink always within reach.

During the flight you can enjoy the extra comfort of your seat while you bask in the attentive service of our cabin crew. Our in-flight catering service has been improved and refined. The menu is based on fresh, high-quality ingredients and offers more choice than ever before. That and the special packaging designed by Marcel Wanders will ensure that dining in Europe Business Class will remain a memorable part of your journey.

Fare-wise, Europe Business Class gives you flexibility. The full-flex fare allows you the freedom to change your booking completely free of charge. And in the unhoped-for event of cancellation, you’ll get a full refund.

KLM Europe Business Class – Enjoy your personal space

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