Flight Bundle | If You Regularly Fly In Europe

If you regularly fly within Europe, a KLM Flight Bundle might be just the thing for you. Set your destination(s) and number of flights in advance. You don’t even have to set your travel date until you’re actually ready to pack your suitcases. Great if you have to be in Spain every month, or if you have a holiday home you want to get to more often with guests. 

Flight Bundle

Once you’ve chosen your bundle, we keep a seat for you on every flight, even in the weekend and school holidays! And because you will have paid in advance, the price stays the same. Convenient and frequently wallet friendly too.

The total price of your KLM Flight Bundle depends on your choices. The more flights and the more flexible you are with your booking, the lower the price per flight and bundle!

You compile your Flight Bundle in 5 steps:

#1. Destination(s)
Decide where you would like to fly with us? Choose one or more European destination.

#2. Number of flights     
Can we expect you at the gate every week, or perhaps every four months? Decide how many return flights you would like in your bundle. At least three and no more than 30. The more flights you choose, the lower the price per flight.

#3. Flexibility      
Do you like spur-of-the-moment decisions, or do you prefer to plan in advance? You can choose how long beforehand you want to book. Four hours prior to departure? Or up to 180 days in advance? The sooner you book, the lower the price of your flight. Your flexibility choice applies to your whole bundle.

#4. Number of sharers
Is your bundle just for you, or do you want to share it with others? You can include between one and nine people in your bundle. The fewer sharers there are, the lower the ticket price. (That’s a pity, I hear you think, but it’s still economic to have nine people in a KLM Flight Bundle;-).

#5. Payment
You can pay in one go, or in instalments. And you save on booking fees, because you only pay once instead of €10 per booking.

Want to know more? Are you planning at least three return flights within Europe this year? Then check out the current prices on the KLM Flight Bundle website.

Flight Bundle

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