Flynt: “Today is the day I retire”

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Today is the day I retire. But I have lots of good memories:

How it all began
My first day was a day to remember. The first walk down memory lane was a loooooooong walk for a puppet with short legs like mine (my feet still hurt).

I’ve met many departments
And the Flight Training Centre was my favourite. All those rudders, rotors, ratters and ramblers got my head spinning. Well, virtually speaking.

Tested KLM products and services
Experience in sitting is a pre < stated in the job application. Meet me. In all my puppet years, I’ve tested many chairs. I sure know when a seat is comfortable or not. My favourite chair comes from that Swedish Furniture company, the Flônt.

Visited many destinations (without you spotting me)
The people at KLM asked me to think of an idea to get people look at a KLM destination for a minimum of 5 minutes. In theory, they say, people are more likely to book a ticket after staring at a destination photo. That’s why I decided to hide myself at every destination. And asked people to spot me… Which, of course, is not that easy.

And sometimes I was tired of promoting..

I’ve had some innovative ideas

Even pretended to be the Boss

Drank a lot of fluids
Because coffee is important to me. And to every KLM employee.

Had my share of bad luck…

Felt that being famous has its downsides..
It’s OK that they photograph me everywhere. But please leave my colleagues alone! They did not choose to work with me.

But realised it also has upsides; people start ‘claying’ you…
I’m more handsome when I wear clay.

In the end, I was there for you
Teaching you all the ins and outs of KLM!

Sadly, every beginning also has an ending…
And now the day has come for me to retire. I want to spend more time with my fishing rod, catching the biggest fish a puppet has ever caught!

I wish you all the best.

Flynt (KLM’s Former Social Media Puppet)

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5 Responses to Flynt: “Today is the day I retire”

  1. Kyonne

    Boehoeeee :( But I wish you all the best and a lot of big fish!

  2. The Content Guys KLM zeurpiet Flynt gaat met pensioen

    […] Het zit op. Flynt hoeft zich niet langer druk te maken over het reilen en zeilen bij KLM. Met een enkele reis vertrok hij vandaag de deur uit. Door zijn bekendheid mocht hij nog wel afscheid nemen van zijn fans, middels deze officiële afscheidsbrief. […]

  3. Ilonka C.

    Bye Flynt, you will be missed! :..(

  4. Kim Alderden

    Time to enjoy your fishing life Flynt. And guess what? At ATP Event Experts we have ALLY LIVELINK, she could have been your sister. In any case…. if you miss the travel, just post ALLY LIVELINK a message and she might bring you along on one of her Event Travels around the world.

  5. joristhewise

    You will be missed buddy, I loved your blog posts. Enjoy retirement.

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