Hotel New York Put in Delfts Blue

Stately and grand, rising majestically from the Wilheminapier in Rotterdam: Hotel New York. The former head office of the historical Holland America Line stands today as a symbol of centuries of trade relations between North America and the Netherlands. Because, for many years, the HAL served as the connection between Rotterdam and New York.

Hotel New York

In 1946, KLM launched its first transatlantic line to the city of Frank Sinatra – to name but one iconic figure. And today, 70 years later, it’s still one of its most important connections. That’s why this year, for its 97th anniversary KLM created a Delfts Blue miniature of Hotel New York.

Hotel New York is an institution, in Rotterdam and far beyond. This historical building played an important role in emigrant history, along with its significance in relation to international trade and travel.

The American dream

Nowadays each week different cruise ships moor on the same dock where, in the years following 1907, many people left for America in search of a brighter future. And, in more recent decades, loads of foreigners have also arrived here from all corners of the globe. All passing through the impressive Port of Rotterdam, where today’s Hotel New York served among the first to welcome them – each carrying little else besides their own “American dream”.

Wilhelminapier Rotterdam

Cultural traces

This is definitely one of the reasons why I love Rotterdam so much. Wherever you go, you run into the cultural traces of more than 175 nationalities living and working side by side. Rotterdam provides raw and inspiring proof that wherever tradition and innovation come together, great things happen. And if you need proof, just have a look at the city’s amazing skyline by night.

Skyline Rotterdam

But, let’s return to the matter at hand, KLM’s latest Delftware miniature: Hotel New York. It’s the first of almost one hundred miniature houses, of which the original was built in the 20th century.

Dreams, courage, action

It represents the special and strong bond that both Hotel New York and KLM have with New York. And it symbolises the pioneering spirit that filled the hearts of the emigrants who departed for the United States of America, along with those of the foreigners who chose to come to Rotterdam to find work and happiness.

Huisje 97 KLM

House no. 97 therefore symbolically stands for hopes and dreams, courage and action. And I’m pretty sure we can all relate to that in our own way. As city, an airline or individual. I know I can!

KLM operates daily direct services to New York City with an Boeing 777-3. Book your flight here.

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Aletta Vandernat

When I was 6 years old my parents and I took the Holland America Line (Maasdam) from Hoboken New Jersey to Rotterdam and of course back to Hoboken. I:m 63 now, but I remember it very well.

Henk Wiersma.

The only connection I have with “the Holland America Line”is that I worked for the Famous Landscape Architecte Ms Mien Ruys ! Who made the Landscape Plan for Mr and Mrs Jan Ruys their private Home in the town of Rhoon south of Rotterdam.It was a nice modern home and the gardens to match .Do you have some feed back for me ? Thank you !

Ton Nijboer

Hij is weer erg mooi..!! (sentimental feelings..)



Hanneke Tanzer-Hilliard

Pretty cool,yes I left here at age 13 from The Wilhelminakade AUG 7,1961.. Visited here in 2011 bringing back memories from 50 years ago.
It was a very sad day for me not knowing when I would see all my family and friends again but flew KLM 7 years later to visit again.


Kan ik hem alvast bestellen voor de KL643 van 22 oktober naar New York?

Félix Maltchinski

Holland America is now the cruise line.

jack van Rijn

hi allemaal de laatste keer dat ik in Holland bent geweest was in 2001 met de laatste commercial flucht van KLM Sydney – Amsterdam jammer genoeg is er geen KLM meer in Australia wel een kantoor maar geen vliegtuigen meer ik woon since 1958 in australie en ik ben 6 keer terug geweest naar Holland elke keer als je weer terug komt word het steeds mooier maar ook kleiner als je over Holland vliegt jammer genoeg geen klm meer dus ook geen hollandse vacantie meer .


I hope they get it on my next flight for me, beauty

Frie Martin

Is there any way to buy these houses? I have several, but obviously, nothing like all of them! But I would like very much to add to my collection without necessarily having to fly. I’m getting a bit older now and travelling isn’t as frequent as it used to be!


@ Frie, I have no idea where you’re based but eBay has some and www dot marktplaats dot nl is a better source. Search for ‘KLM huisje’.

Pieter Gerritsen fb nr 2025707304

Ik reis altijd rond de verjaardag van KLM om het nieuwste huisje te scoren.
Zo ook op 11 oktober met de KL785 van Curaçao naar Amsterdam. Maar tot mijn grote verbazing werd ik onaangenaam verrast omdat het nieuwe huisje niet aan boord was. Ik had een complete verzameling (96 huisjes) en hoopte mijn verzameling te kunnen completeren met nummer 97. Op 15 november reis ik naar Sint Maarten, is het mogelijk om er voor te zorgen dat huisje 97 dan wel aan boord is?


Nice story. Pix connect the past and present. Good job.

Willie Kate Friar

I fly KLM Panama to Amsterdam Oct. 23,2016. Will the new house be on this flight

Willie Kate Friar

I will be on Oct. 26 flight will Stroop wafles be on sale on this flight


I got it!!!

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