How To Reach KLM If My Flight Is Cancelled?

If your flight is delayed or cancelled you, of course, want to know as soon as possible what to expect. In some instances KLM will contact you directly. If this is impossible, because staff are too busy in the event of a major disruption, these are the quickest ways to find out what the situation is and how it affects your travel plans.

If KLM cancels a flight, we inform you by text message, email or telephone. It is therefore important that you provide your contact details when you make a booking. We will inform you of the available rebooking options or let you know if you have already been rebooked. Your new travel schedule and boarding pass will be available at (log in to MyTrip), the KLM App, and our self-service kiosks at the airport.

Transfer area at schiphol


Serious disruptions to air traffic due to fog, snow or an ash cloud, put all KLM service agents under pressure. It is possible that under these circumstances we may not be able to reach you on time. We understand if you would prefer not to wait, but to contact us yourself.

How can you reach KLM?

a. Social Media
If you would like to change your booking, you can contact us through the following social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger (= private)
  • Twitter (Twitter direct message = private)
  • LinkedIn
  • WeChat (= private)
  • Vkontakte

KLM is on social media 24/7, ready to help you change your ticket. We are available in the following 11 languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

Make sure you only send us your booking code or other personal information (ticket number, Flying Blue number) in a private message and do not post it on our public page. This information helps us to help you faster.

In the event of a major disruption, we deploy an extra back-office team. They do nothing other than get people who contact us via social media onto the first available flight.

b. At the airport desk
If you get stranded at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and your connecting flight has been cancelled, go to one of the KLM Transfer Centres. KLM ground staff there will be ready to book you onto another flight.

c. KLM app
This won’t lead to contact with KLM-staff but via the log in section on you can check the status of your (new) flight. You might find out that your re-booking has already been arranged and your new boarding pass is ready for you.

d. Telephone
You can reach us 24/7 on: +31 (0) 20 4747747. Staff there will help to book you onto a new flight.


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In our experience the KLM customer service is very friendly and helpful but contacting via Facebook takes ages and the ones who don’t have an account are left out. That’s a pity.


Point a. about social media: it is written that klm is available in 13 languages while only 12 are mentioned. .


Your forgot to mention Russian ;-)

Bouke van der Voet

It’s great to see that KLM is also embracing Whatsapp. Reading the blog it states that its available for Schiphol airport delays (or at least gives that impression). My question is if you can contact them aswell if you are stranded abroad (flying with KLM or partners of course )
Second can you already provide the nr so i can safe that as part of my standard klm contact nrs?

Keep up the good work, these blogs are always interesting to read!

Marcela Luna

Last year one of my flights (Amsterdam-Barcelona) was canceled, but KLM will never notice me about it. Would be important that KLM to notify of the passengers in advance of the cancellation of its flights ….anyway KLM is the best company I have traveled … and I have traveled a lot ….

Alaisa Kauma

KLM website shows 2 of my upcoming flights are canceled, but I never received an email. I am Alaisa Kauma. Booking code is: 7K5HWM. The date of the ticket is to be March 29, 2016 to return to Uganda.

Since this has to be rebooked, I would like the rebooking to be delayed one week, until 4 April to Entebbe, Uganda.

Please advise if this is possible. Alaisa Kauma

Essiene neres dos santos

KLM servico, sou Essiene Neres dos santos e gostaria ,de informar Que meu email esta fora de servico por algumas semanas ., e eu tenho um voo agenda para dia 28 depois de amanha . Voces poderiam por favor entrar en contato comigo , atraves do email do Meu namorado para eu ter àcesso ao Meu check-in e horario de voo .


Klm services are excellent.

Frederic Vuillemot

I have this booking Code 24ITTS for tomorrow and my flight has been cancelled. Could you urgently contact me by e-mail or phone so I can organise my week. I have an important meeting tomorrow in Darmstadt and I nned to know if I’ll ariive to my final destination Frankfurt?

Innocent quarshie

How do I get your whatsapp number?

Sri Nandini

This is the worst service i have ever experienced. After being on more then a 100+ klm flights, and having my flight cancelled 3 times, i am still awaiting for my status. Each time i call, NO ONE ANSWERS!! This has been going on for 2 days now. What a disgrace. Not only have i wasted my time energy and effort i have now missed out on the conference i needed to go to. I am not taking this airline again in the future if i can help it. Nor recommend it to anyone.

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