KLM Delft Blue Miniature Houses: everything you need to know

KLM miniature houses have been cherished collectors’ items among passengers for more than 60 years. The little Delft Blue houses decorate many window sills, offices and kitchen cabinets. In a few days, on 7 October, we will celebrate KLM’s 100th (!) birthday, and as always, with the unveiling of a new KLM House. 

But first, a few facts:

  • The first miniature KLM Delft Blue Houses were given to passengers, almost certainly, in 1952.
  • Production was random until 1994; a number of houses were produced one after another, then none for several of years.
  • An extra 15 houses were produced in 1994 in honour of KLM’s 75th anniversary. This brought the number to exactly 75. The number of houses in the series has kept pace with KLM’s age ever since.

KLM houses

Photo: Ben Kortman

Filled with Dutch Genever

  • The first houses were filled with Bols Genever in the 1980s. Prior to that they contained a liqueur or gin from the long-established Dutch distilleries Rynbende and Henkes.
  • KLM Houses are handed out to passengers who travel World Business Class.

KLM Houses ashtray

Some are used as ashtrays

  • Given the alcohol policies in a number of destinations in the Middle East, KLM handed out house-shaped ashtrays for a little while. A fun detail in these ashtrays was that, when a cigarette was placed in the back of the ashtray, the smoke came out of the chimney. The following editions of the KLM Houses came in ashtray form: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 14, 15, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23 ,25, 26, 27.
  • The Delft Blue Houses were produced by Royal Goedewaagen in Gouda until 1995.
  • Almost 75% of all Delftware is made outside Delft. It is therefore the technique that lends its name to the houses and not the place.

More than 800,000 KLM-houses each year

  • Around 725,000 Genever-filled and 79,000 unfilled KLM Houses are loaded onto KLM aircraft each year.
  • Apart from the standard series of houses, a few miniatures have been issued without a number. The Royal Palace Amsterdam, Goudse Waag cheese weigh house in Gouda, Paleis het Loo in Apeldoorn, Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam, and the Hall of Knights in The Hague all have a limited-edition, KLM version of themselves.
  • Apart from the early ones, KLM Houses are always replicas of buildings of special historical and architectural interest.
  • The only house so far that was produced, but not based in the Netherlands is House No. 85. This is a model of the Penha building, the most famous house on Curaçao, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • For a house to be reproduced as a porcelain miniature, it is important that its facades and ornaments are not too detailed or outstanding.
  • The maximum size of a miniature is 5.5 cm x 10 cm.

KLM House Palace on Dam Square

Photo: Ben Kortman


  • Royal Palace on Dam Square in Amsterdam and the Goudse Waag cheese weigh house in Gouda were given to newlyweds flying KLM on their honeymoon.
  • An enlarged version of the Royal Palace Amsterdam has also been presented to the winner of the KLM Open golf tournament every year since 2004.
  • KLM Delft Blue House No. 100 will be revealed on the seventh of October. Keep an eye on our social media channels to be the first one finding out what the new house will be.

KLM House 96

Photo: Thirsa Nijwening

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Capanni maria gabriella

I love this House. !!!
Where Can i Buy all them. ???
I’m sorry i can’t travel in business Class (economica motive) but i always travel in economic.


We don’t sell the houses, I am afraid. It’s a give-away item only. But… – and you haven’t heard this from me – there are people that offer their collection for sale. Try Google. ;)


There are some antique shops in Amsterdam that stock the whole range and other rare ones, all for sale, around €30 each

Y. Bougioukos-Stoltz

I love KLM. Mijn vader werkte bij de Technische Dienst. Nu werkt mijn zoon daar. Ik heb ook een paar huisjes Delfts Blauw. Ik heb echter geen geld om business class te vliegen om zo in het bezit te komen van meer huisjes. Jammer. Ik ben nog naar Athene gevlogen 1961 toen er nog een kist LEEG naar Athene vloog om daar de passagiers op te halen die naar NL moesten. We zaten met zijn 5en in een vliegtuig. Ik wens KLM nog vele winstgevende jaren.


Brnliialce for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a certified genius.




dank! Namens alle KLM’ers ;)


Play inarmoftive for me, Mr. internet writer.

Sue Dewar

Thanks for this interesting info….I never realised……
I have been collecting miniature booze bottles for 45 years. Great was my amazement when I saw one of your ‘little houses’ in a hotel in Tanzania. It belonged to the owner who was not there at the time and I was on my way to climb Kilimanjaro. I begged the barman to contact the owner and offered to pay him for one of his ‘houses’.
After summiting Kilimanjaro and returning to the hotel, my little house (no 35) was waiting for me-no charge. Only NOW do I realise, that this man could have been collecting the series (I never met him) Maybe he has forgotten about it, as this happened 17 yeas ago…………..and I still have no 35!!


wow what a great story. Why were you so in love with no 35?


That’s not just the best anserw. It’s the bestest answer!

Frank Ehmke

A very good friend of mine emigrated from Netherland to South Africa in 1947 or 1948. They flew in a DC4 Skymaster of KLM named Schiedam. Do you perhaps still have any record of this aircraft and what later happened to it? At that time my friend’s name was Dirkje Johanna van Eck. Many thanks for your kind assistance.


no offense but Pittsburgh is an example of how not to do ithowever, that does not make it a sound rationale in favor of the e-tax.In other words, providing an example of one method that has failed does not nesaicersly prove that some other method is the best, or even that the other method will work.


Kan dit niet eens in het nederlands?


M, van Teunenbroek


ja hoor meneer, mevrouw van Teunenbroek. Ik zal ervoor zorgen dat ie er morgen (donderdag 8 oktober) op staat.


Dat zou heel fijn zijn, dank u wel.

mevr. M. van Teunenbroek


De Nederlandse versie is beschikbaar. Groet!


i love your Delft house! And I love flying Business Class with KLM!

Lolita M. Balboa



Thank you Lolita.

Robert Bierwolf

You catched me with your CSN&Y song title there. Great historic view. Add it to the app so it does not get lost but can be read many times or even retweeted if emotions call for that. And yes strangely enough collecting is in our nature.
Rgds, an already 20 years platinum member.


That’s great to hear Robert. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for being such a loyal customer. How is your KLM-houses-collection doing? ;)

Villarreal Rudolf

Happy Birthday KLM & Employé.
I wish You many more years in good health.
Rudy Villarreal.


That is so kind. Thank you very much.

Villarreal Rudolf

Happy Birthday KLM.


Happy Happy Birthday KLM-From STAVANGER,NORWAY
Long live the Blue Angels and all the best to my topp ten airline.Starting to get a big Collection of Your Nice Delf Blue Houses.
Almost 50 at this day.A great gift for WBC Pax.
And many many trips will come for me in the future,with KLM,and WBC.
See you again in November,enroute ORD/ATL.
All the best

Gudula Decaster

Beter laar dan nooit maar Happy Birthday KLM and emloyé. I like to fly KLM. Hiep hiep hoeraaaa voor KLM.


Happy Birthday! I love my house collection. I display them on my fireplace mantel! Such great memories. Thank you and I hope this wonderful tradition continues.


We hope so too! Thank you for reading the blog.

Henry Mensch

I’m flying WBC this coming Monday and am looking forward to receiving a Delft Blue house … I have one question which I haven’t seen answered elsewhere: is only the current house (96) available on flights, or is there a selection of random houses from which to choose?

Thanks in advance!


They always have a wide selection (20+) for most of the year, but for 3 weeks after the issue of a new house they usually only carry that one.

Rose Caliwara

Ik kom uit de Filipijnen en woon nu bijna 4 jaar in Nederland – Gorinchem vlakbij het Hamelhuis en ben sinds kort vrijwilliger in het Hamelhuis en ik zou het fantastisch vinden als ik van KLM zo’n mooi huisje zou krijgen. Duim duim Nog vele succesvolle jaren KLM

Anton Blok

Ik weet hiet of je bedoelt “zo maar een huisje” of Hamelhuis (is volgens mij niet in de collectie??) maar je kan er van mij wel één krijgen

Krish Raja

Are these allowed with the gin at security at the Airport if you are a transit passenger?

Simon Hemmes

Only allowed by security at the airport if the house is packed in a specially sealed bag that has to be given to you by the KLM staff when the house is given to you during the flight.

Rene Sanchez Valle

Do you still give the special house for newlyweds?

Ray Hamaker

My father worked 40 years for KLM and we spent time in the Philipines and Canada and many stops in between. I continued travelling KLM for business later on in life and have amassed over 50 of these houses. I have shared them with my 3 sons who now display them proudly.

Frank van Ee

I’m flying to Calgary with you on Thursday ,,can I buy a Dutch house???

Susan Mitchel Murphy

I remember them well and probably have about 75, beautiful and such a wonderful idea !

Andre Stevens

Ik vlieg regelmatig naar Beijing , B-class is tops ,geweldige service en fijne staff. Heb inmiddels al een mooie collectie huisjes .hierbij ook mijn gelukwensen en ga zo door KLM onze blue birds

J. Kuipers

Ik heb een huisje gekregen van een stewardess op een economyclass vlucht als troost, vond dat heel lief en zeker gewaardeerd!


Flying to YYZ next week Friday in WBC.. will the new house be on that flight?? 9.45 am flight…

Juan Ramírez

I,d like information about KLM. Thank you


From which city is the 97th house :-)


Ik vlieg 15 oktober naar Canada,op eens word een vrouw ziek word om geroepen of er een dochter aan boord was maar er was wel.maar zij kom heen andere taal praten dan Hindi,dus ik heb geholpen met de taal van de zieke vrouw en zo kon ik iedereen helpen de dochter en klm personeel helpen?
En ik heb een delf blauw gekrijgen 1 van de persooneel van klm als dank!
Zou graag nog eentje willen hebben dan heb ik twee….
MVG kabieta


18 more houses to go!


You got to push it-this estnasiel info that is!

Neil Munro

Is there a tick off card for the houses?

Michael R. Kurten

yes, there is a App, in which you can mark your received houses

H. S. Liem

Last year we booked a KLM flight business to Orlando, but we didn’t get your beautiful Delftblue house gift, because it was operated by Delta. It was for us a disappointment. This year we have booked a KLM business flight again. We will be very pleased if you can manege to delivered us those Delfthouses.Thank you in advance.





Ralph Hunt

I have the Royal Palace containing a small amount of gin I believe it was given to newly wed couples travelling business class and was a limited edition, is it of any value ??


Yes it is.


We fly in the Business Class next Friday AMS-CMB. My mothers loves the Delft Houses so much. I fly together with my wife, we all get the same houses or can we select from different houses?

Do you think we have a Chance to get The Royal Palace Amsterdam, it`s one of my mom`s favorite houses in the Netherlands.

Thanks a lot. we are glad to fly KLM and to get some beautiful very very very fine houses.

Kim Lammertse

Hello Christian, I found out we offer a selection of different numbers on board so you and your wife can select 2 different ones. Unfortunately it is not possible to get the Royal Palace as this was a limited edition for honeymoon couples and it is not offered anymore. Enjoy your flight next Friday!

Liliam Ballon

I have a small collection. I wish I could enhance the collection.

Kanchan Kr Chatterjee

Happy Happy Birthday KLM-99 From MURSHIDABAD, INDIA
Long live the Blue Angels and all the best to my topp ten airline.Starting to get a big Collection of Your Nice Delf Blue Houses.
Almost 50 at this day.A great gift for WBC Pax.
And many many trips will come for me in the future,with KLM,and WBC.
See you again in November,enroute ORD/ATL.
All the best

Donna Smith

You gave me three of them so far flying with you and I have given them to my Mum as she now wants more of them. So soon as I can save to fly world business again. Guess who I will be flying with. hee hee hee



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